The Astounding Statistics of Sales

Working in sales is a challenging profession, one that requires not only an understanding of your product but a passion for helping people. There is a physical difference between working as a salesperson in an office or at a trade show booth, but the principles are the same: identifying and pushing those “pain points” that reveal how your service can fulfill the needs. Exhibit Options has seen both sales successes and failures and want to help your employees understand how they can improve their sales skills. Here are the statistics of sales and what really works.

What Customers Want to Know

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you offer: according to Hubspot Research, during a sales call or at a trade show event, almost six in ten customers want to know how much your product costs. This is followed by five of ten customers wanting to know how the product works (or wanting a product demo, when possible). Knowing this can help you be transparent to the customer and garner trust quickly. When searching for information about a product or service, customers want to be able to get accurate product information, view ratings and reviews, and see how other people have used your product. This applies to clients simply wanting to know more and for clients who are ready to buy immediately.

How Fast Can Your Team Respond?

If a customer comes up to you at a trade show wanting to know about your product, you wouldn’t ignore them. Don’t ignore the customers that visit your website and offer you a lead! Positive web-generated leads can go stale quickly if not responded to fast enough. Harvard Business Review conducted a study of 2241 companies in the United States, and found that, on average, the response time for online test leads was 42 hours (if they replied to them at all; 512 companies did not). In this Internet age, sales teams need to be able to respond at internet speeds or risk losing the interest of interested customers. In fact, those that contacted these customers within the hour were nearly seven times more likely to qualify the lead (i.e. having a meaningful conversation with a key decision-maker) and 60 times more likely than companies that wait 24 hours or longer.

Exhibit Options loves to see the sales teams we work for succeed! If you’re looking to generate solid leads, look no further than Exhibit Options to help you assemble the booth you need for your next industry trade show.

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