How Long Should You Attend Local Trade Shows?

Trade shows are a great form of marketing and promotion, and you can make some great contacts there. After attendees visit your trade show exhibit, they may contact your business and purchase a product or service, which could lead to a long-term customer relationship. However, there comes a point where you can stop attending trade shows and find other ways to effectively market your business. When is that point? Here are some factors that can help you figure it out.

How Well Is Your Business Doing?

Think about your business revenue and the amount of paying customers who come to your business or visit your website on a weekly and/or monthly basis. Are you satisfied with the profit you’re making? Do you have enough money coming in to take care of operational expenses and still have funds left over? If you find you need to make more of a profit each month to keep your business afloat, it may be a good idea to go to local trade shows and appeal to more customers. This way, you can give your business more exposure without having to worry about travel expenses.

How Was Your Last Trade Show?

Consider the last time you went to a trade show. If the last show was recent, consider the way attendees responded to your trade show booth. Did your exhibit attract a lot of people? Were your marketing materials effective? How many of your customer interactions led to a sale either at the trade show or shortly after? If you haven’t gone to a trade show in quite some time, think about the reason(s) why. If you didn’t have a great turnout or spent more money than you made, it may be time to start finding other ways to promote your company.

How’s Your Business Budget?

Think about the money you must work with if you’re still considering attending trade shows. Can you afford to travel to a large trade show for your business, even if it’s hours away? If your trade show table needs to be updated, do you have the funds to use quality materials to make your exhibit more appealing to customers? If you must cut too many corners to attend a trade show, it may be time to sit this show out. If this is the case each time you hear about a trade show in your industry, this may be a sign marketing your business online or using your website for promotions could be a more practical way to appeal to potential and established customers.

How Was Your Recent Feedback?

Finally, think about the feedback you received from your last trade show. When attendees came to your trade show exhibit, did they comment on the design or the technological features you included in your display? Were attendees willing to provide their contact information after speaking with someone from your team for a few minutes? Did attendees talk about your trade show table on their social media accounts or communicate with you on social media after the trade show? If you got lots of positive feedback from a recent trade show, it could be worthwhile to attend a few more. If feedback was average or below average, it’s time to work with your team to find new marketing methods that will suit your business.

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