Product Demo Tips for Trade Shows

Product demos are an effective way to inform attendees about the products and services you’re bringing to trade shows. When a demo goes well, it can deepen the impression of your business, which often turns attendees into long-term customers. If you’re thinking about having a live demo at your next trade show, keep these tips in mind to make sure the demo is a success.

Draw Attendees In

Before attendees even get to the trade show, they need to know that what you have to offer is interesting or practical. You can do this by positioning a spotlight around the demo area or using signage that encourages attendees to stop by your trade show table and find out more about what you have to offer. It’s also a good idea to make sure the rest of your trade show exhibit is colorful and professional, so you can give attendees a great impression about your company before you even get a chance to speak with potential customers and explain the nature of your business.

Bring Your Best

Make sure you bring your best products and showcase your top services at the trade show. This will make the demo go much smoother and will increase your confidence in the information you’re passing on to attendees. If you have a product that has gained popularity before the trade show, this is likely the best item to demo at the trade show. You may also choose to debut a new product or service at the trade show to get feedback from attendees that will help you in your future marketing efforts.

Don’t Forget Rehearsal

It’s very important you practice your product demos before you get to the trade show booth. You need to know what to say and be prepared for any questions attendees may have. Rehearsals will also give you the confidence you need since you’ll be familiar with the product, and you and your team members can take turns being the customer to become more comfortable with speaking in front of small crowds. Practicing ahead of time will also let you know if you should include more information or take out details that aren’t interesting or informative when it comes to your promotion efforts. If you’ll be giving out promo items attendees can test right away, such as food samples or electronics that can be used immediately, use the products in your office with your team members before the trade show to see whether you should make improvements before the show.

Ask for Feedback

Finally, don’t forget to ask for feedback from attendees. You can have a tablet or mobile device at the demo table where attendees can take a survey to let you know which parts of the demo worked well and which need work. Or, you can encourage attendees to give you their e-mail addresses, so you can contact them after the trade show to ask how the demo went. The responses you receive will let you know how to organize your demos for upcoming trade shows, and this will hopefully help you to gain more long-term customers in the future.

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