How to Get the Best Trade Show Spot for Your Exhibit

How to Get the Best Trade Show Spot for Your Exhibit

Everyone knows that the greatest challenge of making a trade show appearance is standing out. There exists a lot of advice on how to do that, some of which we’ve shared here. But there’s another aspect of tradeshow success that has nothing to do with your product or your presentation. That’s what they call “location.” Where your booth is situated on the show room floor can have as big an impact as anything else. Your Exhibit Options team is here to help with some insight on the best spots for a booth.

Favor the Entrances

There are several reasons to try to secure a spot near the entrance of the show room. One of the primary reasons is that attendees are usually at their most fresh and engaged right as they enter the show room. And because it is the entrance, it will experience the maximum amount of traffic when the floor opens. It also places you and your brand first in visibility.

Corners & Intersections

Another area that sees plenty of traffic and attention are corners and intersections. At such spots you can take advantage of traffic from multiple directions. It’s a good idea to prepare a booth that faces both sides if you reserve a corner spot.

Near Other Large Attractions

If the show will have any major exhibits, it’s always a good idea to set up near them, as they will attract plenty of attention. Sponsors of the show can also be good candidates to set up next to. The only instances where you should avoid this strategy are if those exhibits are competitors of yours.

Convenient Locations

Another great way to attract audiences is to setup near areas of convenience to attendees, like bathrooms or areas with food, making your own booth a convenient stop along the way while they’re leaving, or waiting.

The Exhibit Options team offers these tips and more for anyone trying to make their mark at an exhibit show. We can help you design and implement any exhibit that you would like, and with the right placement, you’re sure to attract all the traffic you could hope for! Contact us today to get started.

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