The Effectiveness of a Trade Show Mascot

There’s a lot that goes into trade show preparation. So, it only stands to reason the more shows you attend, the more you’ll be thinking about ways to make your trade show booth more appealing and your products and services especially attractive to customers. One of the ideas you may be considering is a trade show mascot. But, how necessary is this for your business? Here are some factors to keep in mind before your next marketing event.

Type of Trade Show

A conservative trade show usually means a mascot isn’t a good idea. The attendees at the trade show may not take your business seriously if you have a team member dressed as a cartoon version of your product or a character your company has created. Remember, you want the feedback from the trade show to be as positive as possible, and word of mouth could send the message your company is too playful. However, if you’re at a large show where companies are taking very creative measures to attract people to their booths, there’s a good chance you should come up with trade show ideas that make your mascot effectively noticeable.

Company Reputation

People automatically think about fun and excitement when they see a mascot, which is the reason that professional sports teams have them. You want people to feel your company is professional but that you still have a friendly and relatable side. Of course, a mascot is a great way to get a lot of attention at trade shows. So, if this is the type of attention you want to attract at marketing events, then a mascot is a great choice. If you have a more conservative reputation at the trade show, a mascot that is a bit more understated, such as a team member dressed in a T-shirt or polo shirt where your logo can clearly be seen, can serve as the spokesperson for the company and answer questions about the history and mission of your business, as well as the quality of your products.

Available Space

If you’re setting your trade show exhibit up in a space that is small, or you must compete with several other booths for the attention of attendees, a mascot could be a practical idea. If one of your team members is dressed up as the mascot, he/she can walk around the trade show space and interact with attendees to encourage them to come to your trade show booth. Of course, if your company logo is evident on the mascot or your team member is dressed like the mascot that attendees recognize, it may be easier to convince attendees to come to your table, even if the trade show venue is significantly large.

Lasting Impression

Finally, think about the impression that having a mascot will leave on attendees and businesses you may want to partner with in the future. If a mascot will show you’re a fun and upbeat company that has confidence in the products you have to offer, then asking a team member to serve as a trade show mascot will likely be a good idea. You may also want to consider letting the mascot hand out your marketing materials or free samples. This will deepen the branding impression of your business and increase the chances people will remember you from the trade show when they need the services and products you provide.

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