Does Your Trade Show Booth Need Music?

Which Team Members Should Attend Out-of-Town Trade Shows?

As your team gathers to put together trade show ideas that will make your next marketing event successful, you’ll likely be putting a plan together for trade show travel. You’ll need to know which hotels are best for accommodations, and how far those hotels are from the trade show site. You should also get information about additional networking or social events that will help you to make a great impression. Of course, you’ll also need to decide which team members will attend your out-of-town trade show. Here are some factors to consider that will help you narrow down your choices.


Think about the personalities of your team members before you decide who will be at your trade show booth. Employees who are naturally friendly and don’t mind talking to others are ideal choices for trade shows, especially if you’re going out of town and likely won’t be familiar with many of the businesses and individuals there. It’s also best to choose team members who are well-versed in certain areas of your company so they will feel especially comfortable talking to attendees about the benefits of your services and products.


The team members who will attend the trade show may depend on how far the trade show is from your home office. If you have employees who need to be close to home to care for small children or ailing family members, keep this in mind before you make your selection. If you took certain employees with you the last time you attended a trade show out of town, consider taking new employees this time. This is often a good idea if you have a small staff and everyone is equally familiar with your marketing message.


Think about how long you’ll be out of town when you’re organizing your trade show exhibit. If the trade show is a one-day event, you can bring your top team members, since they won’t have to miss too many days tending to customers in the main office. On the other hand, your best team members may be your top pick if the trade show will last a few days since you want to make a great impression at the event and ensure attendees are getting accurate information about your company. If you must stay a few nights in the city where the trade show will take place, you should also take team members who get along, since they will either must share hotel rooms or be lodging in close proximity to each other.


Finally, think about the experience each team member brings to the table. Employees who have been with your company for the longest amount of time will likely be more experienced and at ease when talking to attendees about the history of your business and your overall mission. Team members who are both accurate and articulate in the information they provide will give your company a great impression and this could lead to future long-term sales for your business.

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