Avoid These Habits When Generating Leads

While you’re planning for your next trade show, you’ll need to come up with effective trade show ideas that will help you to generate leads. This helps to make trade show attendance worth your while since you’ll have contact information for people who are likely to become customers. Here are some habits you should avoid if you want to generate leads that will contribute to the future success of your company.

First, don’t start a conversation with an attendee without being clear who you’re speaking with. Ask the person for his or her name and the role he or she plays in his or her company, so you’ll know if you’re getting information for a lead or a business contact. If you’re talking to a customer, make sure you know whether the attendee is looking to make a purchase at the trade show, or wants to know more about your company before buying anything. This will keep you from sharing too much information at one time, just in case the attendee is from a competing company.

It’s also a good idea not to be careless about your body language when generating trade show leads. Your body language sends messages your words can’t. You want to make sure you’re welcoming and inviting at your trade show booth. Avoid crossing your arms or looking away when you’re talking to an attendee. If an attendee approaches you with a question or concern, don’t start moving toward the rest of your team members out of nervousness, since this could give the impression you’re not interested in engaging in conversation.

Make sure you don’t badmouth the competition when you’re at trade shows as well. This is unappealing to attendees and could make it appear your company’s team is immature or insecure about your products and services. Don’t talk about how inferior your competition is to make your business look good. Simply focus on your services and products and the benefits of them and choose team members who are thoroughly educated about your business to speak with attendees.

Giving away too many written marketing materials is another way to turn attendees of when you’re trying to attract leads. Don’t overwhelm your trade show table with pamphlets and white papers about your company. Choose a few marketing materials that will immediately get the attention of potential customers because of clever wording, detailed information, and colorful graphics. Give attendees just enough to make them want to learn more. Too many marketing materials can be expensive when you’re putting together a trade show budget, and people aren’t likely to keep all the materials after the trade show.

Finally, remember to use language attendees will understand. Don’t include too many technical terms in your explanation of services and products. This can come across as pretentious and may make attendees feel you’re hiding something and are using big words to sound more qualified than you are. While you may have to explain some terms, be sure to do this in a way that is both friendly and professional, so you can both get and maintain quality leads.

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