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How to Thank Trade Show Attendees

When you attend a trade show that goes well, it’s a great idea to send tokens of your appreciation to your attendees. You can also express your gratitude before people leave your trade show booth. Of course, this is an ideal way to display customer service and to make a great impression on people who will soon become paying customers. Here are some ideas for saying thanks that could make your company especially memorable. You can also make larger baskets that are designated for attendees who make large purchases or have visited your trade show booth at more than one event.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is a thoughtful way to show attendees appreciation for taking time to learn about your company or patronize your business. You can have the baskets displayed at your trade show exhibit, so you can pass them out to attendees as they leave the table. If you’re planning on making several baskets, they don’t have to be too large but should include the items you’re well–known for. A small thank you card included in the basket adds a nice personal touch that will boost brand recognition and make the gift more memorable.


Once you get contact information from attendees, send a brief e-mail after the trade show to thank them for making a purchase or visiting your booth. Include your contact details so attendees can get in touch with you to ask further questions or buy a product or service. Be sure not to make the e-mail too “salesy,” and make it clear you appreciate the attendee taking the time to get to know a little more about your business.

Swag Bags

Swag bags in bright colors that feature your logo and contact information are also great thank you gifts for attendees. You can include samples of your products and even a few business cards or promo items from businesses you partner with to show attendees you believe in maintaining a sense of community. Remember to include practical items attendees can use regularly so they will be more likely to contact you when they need your services. Edible items that are best sellers at your business, as well as promo gifts, such as key chains and T-shirts, help to get your marketing message across without making attendees feel like they are obligated to purchase.

Discounts and Promotions

If you can offer free or reduced-price services or products to attendees, this will help you make a great impression and will show your gratitude for attendees who showed interest in your company. In your promo package, include a coupon with a discount code attendees can use online when they purchase from your website. It’s also a good idea to include a thank you card in the package along with a short summary of your business so attendees can get more information on your company that you may not have been able to relay at the trade show exhibit. An additional thank you e-mail once an attendee buys a service can also deepen the impression and increase the chances the attendee will become a long-term customer.