Should You Only Attend Large Trade Shows?

By now, you’ve likely experienced the significant benefit of going to trade shows. You get to connect with attendees who may not have otherwise known about your company. You can meet with other business owners and figure out how you and other corporations can be mutually beneficial in terms of revenue and marketing. However, should you only attend trade shows where lots of businesses will be present? Is there a benefit to going to small trade shows as well? Here are some things to consider.




Of course, there are more chances for you to network with other company owners if you’re at a large trade show. However, the event can be a little overwhelming, since there are lots of people and you’ll want to appeal to attendees as well. If you’re only attending large trade shows, it’s important to have a game plan for how many people you plan to talk to each day and what you’ll say. Of course, you may also want to do some networking with attendees who could possibly help you get your marketing message to more people. Therefore, it’s best to come up with a “script” for them as well.


Trade Show Display


A large trade show usually also means you’ll need a larger trade show exhibit. If this has proven to be worthwhile in the past, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the budget for a display that has lots of colors and pertinent information to get the attention of attendees. Adding music to your trade show booth can also draw people to your table and make them more interested in what you’re offering. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure you have team members who aren’t afraid of large crowds to work at the trade show. Your employees will need to display the same amount of energy and friendliness to every person who comes to your exhibit, even though they’ll likely be meeting with hundreds of people throughout the duration of the trade show.


Company Goals


Think about the goals of your company when you’re coming up with trade show ideas for large shows as well. How many leads do you want to get per trade show? If you’re planning to sell products and services, a large trade show is likely the best choice. For smaller shows, people are more likely to “browse” and come to the event mainly to learn about various companies. At larger shows, attendees tend to be more prepared to buy from at least a few companies. When you’re clear on what you want to accomplish at the trade show, it will be easier to determine whether you should go to the next large event in your area.


After the Trade Show


When you return from the trade show, you’ll be able to better asses the tactics that worked, and which didn’t. Evaluating your performance after the show will let you know if you’re getting enough leads or are appealing to enough attendees with your promotional gifts, displays, and customer service.

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