Best Trade Show Apps

Preparing for a trade show means being aware of the technology that is required to be competitive. After all, you’ll be displaying your services and products among several other companies, and it’s important to make sure you’re standing out in a positive way. This is why you need to know about trade show apps. These apps can make it easier for you to stay organized at the trade show booth, and you’ll also find there are apps that assist you in organizing and collecting leads during and after the show. When you and your team get together to come up with trade show ideas, here are a few apps you should consider:




This app allows you to capture potential sales leads and accelerate those leads so you’ll know who is most likely to become a customer. You’ll get data measurement in real time, and you can use Leadature on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, even if you don’t have an Internet connection at the trade show site.




This app can definitely come in handy at the trade show booth since it can capture the opinions of attendees in real time. You don’t have to have Wi-Fi, which means you’ll still be able to utilize the features of QuickTapSurvey even when the Internet connection isn’t working, and there’s an automated e-mail feature that helps you develop your leads. You can try the app for free and then switch to a paid plan, which starts at $19 a month.


Pixe Snap


This trade show app allows you to include a photo station in your trade show exhibit. You can take selfies or standard photos and share these pictures on social media to promote the trade show and your company. This app works with both Android and iOS and even gives you the ability to brand the photos with your company’s name and address, as well as the date and time of the trade show before you post them on your social media platforms.


CDS Xpress Connect


This app lets you follow up with leads after the trade show. You can scan the badge IDs of people who come to your booth, so you’ll also have the important contact details you need to appeal to these potential customers later. CDS Xpress Connect also rates your leads, schedules meetings, and forwards the list of leads to your team members so you can send follow-up e-mails efficiently.




CamCard, which only costs 99 cents, allows you to collect business card information and helps you organize the details and save them. When you take a picture of someone’s business card, you can save the images on your mobile device, and CamCard puts the information into the right fields and provides notes for you to reference. That way, you’ll know what to include in your correspondence with specific leads.




If you want to have giveaways at your trade show booth, iPrizeWheel allows you to give promotional items to attendees without having to bring a physical prize wheel to your exhibit. This is a great idea for small booths, and you’ll even get the sound effects that come with a real prize wheel. iPrizeWheel is available at the App Store for $9.99.

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