What to Include in Tradeshow Live Streaming

If you’ll be live streaming at your next trade show, there are a few things to consider to make sure it is successful. Live streaming can make your trade show exhibit more interesting and can appeal to your social media and online followers to give them a virtual front row seat to your marketing presentation. Live streaming is also a great way for bloggers and journalists to see your content and share the information with even more people, which could result in a larger customer base for you.


What Exactly Is Live Streaming?


Live streaming is the process of broadcasting a live video that is shown over the Internet. You’ll need to have three main components for live streaming: a production provider (the real people behind the camera who are in charge of production), the streaming provider (the people who capture the video, compress the video, and stream it live online to the platform where you want viewers to see it), and the platform provider (the website where your audience can see your video and interact with you as they’re watching).


Even though this may sound a little complicated, the part you play in live streaming is actually pretty simple. You just have to determine the content you want to be displayed, and then choose the platform where you want the video to show up.


Which Content Should You Live Stream?


If you want to live stream while you’re at your trade show exhibit, it’s a good idea to showcase your product demos. Make sure the camera zooms in on the best parts of your products, so you can show the features that customers are most interested in.


You can also turn the trade show into a press event. Ask a team member to conduct short interviews with the people who come up to your booth and feed the conversation into a live speaker. This makes the event more insightful for those who are watching online. Just be sure you and your team have a list of questions to ask attendees. Also, you should choose an employee who is comfortable engaging with others. You can also interview the executives of your company at the trade show so viewers can get a feel for the mission statement and philosophy of your business.


A product launch is great live-streaming material as well. Make sure a team member is recording the reactions and comments of attendees when you unveil a new product or service to get real-time feedback from people who could potentially turn into customers.


Live-streaming Services


If you and your team have decided live streaming is one of the trade show ideas you’d like to try, you’ll need to select a live-streaming service. There are both free and affordable services, such as Livestream and Ustream, or you can find professional local and/or national services to use if you’ll be using live streaming for most of your trade shows and marketing events. Some services even allow a free trial period, so you can learn more about the live-stream features that will work best for your business.

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