Top Trade Show and Exhibit Magazines

Whether you’ve been attending trade shows for a few years or you’ve just decided to go to your first trade show, there are several places to get the information you need to make sure you’re prepared. Reading a few publications that are geared toward exhibit and trade shows will let you know which trends you should be aware of and offer insight for reaching out to attendees and making them customers. Here are a few magazines that could provide the details you need to make your next trade show a success.


Meetings and Conventions

This magazine focuses on helping you plan your trade show exhibit and making sure you have all the necessary components to grab the attention of attendees. You’ll also get the information you need to reduce your stress while you’re organizing your trade show and there are spotlight articles on popular event planners and experts, so you can learn about their experiences and be inspired by their successes. Meetings and Conventions also provides practical tips for traveling so you and your team can arrive at your trade show destination safely.


The Trade Show News Network

The Trade Show News Network (TSNN) will let you know what’s new in the trade show industry on a weekly basis, so you’ll learn about the technologies and digital programs that will make your trade show booth one of the most appealing at the trade show. You’ll get coverage on major shows and expos, so you can see which companies are the most prominent at these events. There are also details on new software and the benefits the software can bring to your business before and after a trade show. TSSN also offers details on popular trade show venues and convention centers, and the steps these establishments are taking to make trade shows more technologically sound and eco-friendly.


Event Marketing Magazine

If you’re looking for ways to promote your trade show and get people interested in attending, Event Marketing Magazine can be a great resource. The publication also offers tips on how to be effective when it comes to face-to-face marketing, and you’ll get suggestions for how to use mobile marketing to maintain and improve the reputation of your company. Event Marketing Magazine is also a magazine you can refer to when you want to know more about how to handle the PR and marketing that comes with preparing for a trade show and reaching out to attendees after the event.



This publication comes out 10 times a year, which means you’ll have a lot of opportunities to find out about the latest marketing and trade show trends in your industry. You’ll find out about new marketing and promotional items on the market and find out all the creative and innovative ways you can generate revenue before, during, and after a trade show. There’s also a wealth of organizational tips that help you prepare for trade shows and marketing events, as well as case studies that can give you a better understanding of what works for trade shows.

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