How Often Should You Change Your Trade Show Exhibit?

Part of what makes trade show participation unique and effective is always coming up with innovative ways to appeal to attendees. If you have a standard trade show exhibit you have been using for a while and you have gotten great results, it may be a good idea to keep the basic structure while changing a few things to make the display a little more modern. If you notice that your display is very different from the ones you are seeing at trade shows, it could be time to make more significant changes. But, how do you know when it is time to change your exhibit?




If it is not cost effective for you to change your trade show exhibit often, wait until you can make the necessary adjustments and stay within your budget. There may be items in your office that you can use to update your booth and make your exhibit more interactive. A tablet or small computer that attendees can use at your booth to watch demos and commercials may not cost you anything, and you will make your display more interesting.


Time Frame


Consider the time frame that you have in between trade shows. If you are going to shows once a month, changing your trade show exhibit too often could prove to be very expensive. However, if you only go to trade shows once or twice a year, a new exhibit could appeal to more customers and make your company appear exciting and up to date. You should also learn about technologies that would improve your trade show booth and adjust your display accordingly. For instance, displaying your demo on an LED screen instead of a regular computer monitor could make a big difference in the way attendees perceive your company.


Trade Show Types


Think about the types of trade shows you are attending before you decide if you need to keep making changes to your exhibit. If most of the trade shows are conservative in nature, it might be best to keep your exhibit simple, without adding too many bright colors or fancy fonts. Of course, these features could be exactly what you need to get the attention of attendees at trade shows that are more creative in nature. Appealing to your audience is one of the best ways to attract and retain customers, so the changes you make to your exhibit and the frequency of these changes should reflect the fact you are paying attention to your demographic.


Customer Feedback


It is important to keep coming up with trade show ideas that will get the attention of attendees in a positive way. When you conduct surveys to get feedback from existing and potential customers, pay attention to their comments and adjust your exhibit accordingly. If you find that you are getting similar comments often, try to make small changes to your exhibit each time you attend a new trade show. This shows you are listening to what consumers have to say and want to appeal to them.


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