How to Set Aside Office Storage Space for Your Trade Show Materials

If you attend trade shows often and have a lot of supplies to store at the end, you probably know that putting all your goods in a storage facility can get pretty costly. Many of the large items that you use to display your services and products have to be stored safely to remain intact every time you use them. Storing your items at your office could be a more affordable option. Here are some tips for setting aside a storage space that will keep your trade show booth materials intact.


Stay Organized


It will be much easier for you to keep your trade show exhibit articles looking their best when they are organized in your office storage space. You may need to get crates or movable shelves to store your items and label everything so the supplies you need are easy to find when you need them. This cuts down on the time it will take you to get ready for your upcoming trade show.


Find a Temperature-Controlled Room


It’s very important your signs and exhibit items are in a temperature-controlled environment. This will keep the print or font on your signs from fading and will keep your tablecloths intact. Choose a room in your office that is not too hold or cold and properly ventilated, so that when you go to use your trade show materials again, they’ll be in the same condition you left them.


Partner With Other Businesses


It may be a good idea for you to partner with other businesses in your office complex to purchase or rent a storage space for your trade show booth materials. This could be more affordable for you and increases the chances that you’ll have a quality facility to store your stands, banners, signs, and tablecloths. The cost of the storage space is usually based on how long you need the space and how large the storage area needs to be. If you need special coverings for your items, let the storage facility know this so your most valuable exhibit items will be protected.


Monitor Your Items


Whether you’re storing your items in the room next to your office or in another area near your workspace, it’s important to check on your items as often as possible, especially when the seasons change or if there have been storms, a drought or heavy rain in your area. Make sure you take pictures of all your supplies in case you need to submit these photos to your insurance company if your items are damaged.


Even if you’re keeping your trade show items in the best condition, you should still meet with your team every few months to evaluate your supplies and determine if any need to be upgraded or replaced. You should also keep up with trends in technology and design when it comes to trade shows as well, so you’ll know if you need to get new supplies that send the message you’re always focused on appealing to your demographic.

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