Do You Need to Attend Trade Shows Yearly?

Trade shows are some of the best ways to showcase the best that your business has to offer. You can also make worthwhile business connections at these events, and you’ll meet attendees who will potentially turn into long-term customers. But, how often should you attend trade shows? Here are some things to consider when you’re putting a trade show schedule together for your business.


Types of Trade Shows


Think about the type of events where you set up your trade show booth. Are these events lucrative marketing opportunities? Are they held annually? If you notice that you’re getting great feedback from attending these trade shows, it’s probably a good idea to keep attending regularly. However, if you notice that you’re encountering the same people after going to the show a few times, it may be best to start looking at other trade shows that will expose you to new customers.




If you only go to one major trade show a year and you normally come back with a lot of qualified leads and positive feedback, an annual trade show is likely a good idea for your business. If you find that you need to connect more with your local community, perhaps you should set up your trade show exhibit at shows that are closer to your office. In most cases, you won’t have to change your marketing materials and you could appeal to even more customers. This is also a good way to network with other local businesses and possibly come up with promo packages that can benefit both companies and show your sense of community.


Team Members


Think about the team members that you have available for attending trade shows. If you have a reliable team that usually attends your annual trade show, ask these employees to come to smaller trade shows where you can make even more connections. If you find that attending an annual trade show doesn’t get you as many leads as other marketing methods, such as social media or giving promo items to people who visit your website or office, it may be best to skip the trade show for a year or two.


Your Business


Consider whether your business actually benefits from setting up a trade show exhibit. Do you find that you’re making a significant amount of revenue after interacting with trade show attendees who become customers? Do you have enough team members in your office to run the business as usual while you’re at a trade show? If going to a trade show means that your bottom line will suffer while you’re marketing to other potential customers, an annual trade show may not be necessary right now. However, you may still want to showcase your products and services in a way that will appeal to those in your demographic, so live streaming or demonstrating your products on social media can also serve as an effective way to make sure you’re reaching more people without compromising the customer service you’re providing for your current consumers.

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