Should You Host a Trade Show?

Now that you’ve been attending trade shows for a few years, you may have become known as one of the leaders in your field. If you and your team are usually at regional trade shows for your industry and have made a significant impact over the years, you may be considering hosting your own trade show. There are some things you’ll need to consider if you’re going to organize this type of event. So here are some trade show ideas that could help your team.

Book Hotels Far in Advance

Make sure that the hotel that is close to the trade show venue is booked months in advance. Of course, you can also have the trade show at a conference at the hotel, depending on the size of the show. Keep in mind that companies usually aren’t sure whether their team members will be coming to a trade show until about a month before the event. If you wait until this time to book rooms for the people who are traveling to attend your trade show, there’s a good chance the rooms will be sold out. It’s best to book a block of rooms and then change the names once you have a final list of individuals who will be attending the show. This will keep you from having to pay more for hotel rooms, or from booking rooms that are too far away from the trade show location.

Have Extra Supplies on Hand

You should also make sure that you have a trade show kit you can use for each of the trade show exhibits that will be at the venue. To create a trade show kit, simply put office supplies like printer paper, staplers, extra pens and pencils, and paper clips in a labeled bin and make sure that attendees know how and where to access the kit. You should also have a bin designated for medical issues or emergencies that could come up during the trade show. Allergy pills, pain medication, and bandages should go in this bin, along with items that can help business owners and representatives look their best, i.e. lint rollers or stain pens.

Consider Your Company’s Reputation

Even when you learn the steps that are necessary to make a trade show successful, you should think about how many people you can expect to attend the trade show based on your company’s reputation. For instance, if your marketing team has done a good job of promoting both your show and the business, this means that more potential attendees will hear about the show and want to attend. If you post pictures of your trade show booth from previous events or livestream customer feedback, you can increase the interest of people who could benefit from a trade show. If you’ve got a great venue in mind, a favorable relationship with vendors who can offer food and beverages during the show and a number of peers who would be interested in a trade show, hosting a show could be a great way to propel your business to the forefront your field.

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