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Tips for Video Demos at Trade Shows

A video demo can be a very effective tool for explaining your product and letting attendees hear the testimonies of satisfied customers. When you compose a professional and engaging video to display at trade shows, you’ll essentially allow your product to sell itself. You may not even have to say much, except to answer attendee questions in real time. A video demo also gives the impression your company is technologically advanced. If you’ve decided you want to add a video demo to your trade show exhibit this year, here are some tips you should keep in mind.



The quality of the video makes a huge difference in its effectiveness. If you’re showing a demonstration of the way your product or service works, you want each element of the video to be easy to see and follow. A high-quality video also shows you’ve put effort into the presentation and want to provide the best promotion possible to customers.



Don’t make the video at your trade show booth too long. Remember you want to grab the attention of the attendee, but you don’t want him or her to get bored or feel as though he or she is “trapped” at your booth until the video is over. Cover all your main points in a concise fashion and be sure to include all your contact information at the beginning and end of the video. This will give the attendee several ways to get in touch with you if he or she has questions about the demo. If you have time, you can also include a testimonial from a satisfied customer, or have one of your team members explain your product in a way that is easy to understand.



Consider the display of your video presentation as well. Keep in mind that attendees will be attracted to what they see at your trade show booth, even before they get the chance to speak to you. Set up your tablet or computer at a separate smaller table next to the main booth, and cover the table with a cloth that matches your company’s logo or marketing materials. You can also include a small sign next to the monitor to encourage attendees to ask questions or voice their concerns after looking at the demo. This indicates that while you’ve prepared a professional presentation, you’re open to feedback and want to interact with potential customers. Don’t add too much clutter to the table where you’ve positioned the video display since this can be overwhelming on the eyes.



Finally, make sure that you’re very familiar with the video demo and all the products and services that your company offers. You should feel comfortable explaining product function to customers, and you should know how to recommend the ideal product for a customer based on his or her concerns. It’s also a good idea to get feedback on the video demo, so you’ll know which elements to include or eliminate next time you present the information at a trade show.

Video Marketing At Your Next Trade Show

If you’re coming up with a marketing plan that you’ll implement the next time you’re at the trade show booth, you’ve probably included lead generation in your plans. While you can go with the “fishbowl method” (prompting customers to leave their business cards in a fishbowl). At a trade show, it’s easier than normal for you to get leads and possibly turn these leads into customers.

Coming up with new marketing ideas can make your business one to remember at your next trade show. Video marketing is a great way to let more people know about your company and what you have to offer. You can use this marketing tool in a number of interesting ways to make your company significantly more noticeable, which leads to a thriving business.

Use Video to Interview Customers

Trade shows allow you to interact with customers on a face to face basis. When attendees come to your trade show exhibit, conduct a short interview with them to see what they like about your company. Your customers can help to market your business, since you can post the interviews on your blog (with the permission of the attendees). These interviews can also be featured on your YouTube channel to help other potential customers learn more about what you have to offer.

Interview Industry Leaders

Whether you want to discuss trade show ideas or need to know the best trade show exhibit companies that are best for your industry, you should interview leaders in your field. The big names in your industry are surprisingly accessible at trade shows, and the advice or pointers you can receive during interviews can help you improve your marketing efforts. These interviews also make your company more reputable to customers. Of course, industry leader interviews can be posted on your social media pages to draw customers in and encourage them to ask questions about your business.

Live Blogging

You don’t have to wait until the trade show is over before you blog about it. Live blogging can attract more potential customers during the event. Trade shows are often hotspots for Facebook and Twitter, so customers who are unable to attend the trade show will know what’s happening in real time. It’s also a good idea to let your social media followers know that you’ll be live streaming at the trade show to encourage them to tune in.

Record Time-Lapse Video

This is one of the best trade show ideas when you have a product that is colorful and exciting. Time-lapse videos can feature customers trying your products at the trade show booth and short interviews with your team members. This is a great marketing tool that you can post on your website or your social media pages after the show.

Remember that guest bloggers can also bring a new perspective to the trade show event. These bloggers can bring a positive yet objective view, which helps to draw in more consumers. Talk to your team about the best ways to use video to present your business’ products and services so your company is seen as innovative and professional.

There Are Many Advantages To Having a Video At a Trade Show

We live in a multimedia world, where marketing messages are conveyed via a variety of media channels. This has trained the average person to expect motion, action, and excitement in every experience that they undertake. When exhibiting a booth at a trade show, you can make use of video to feed into that need for constant stimulation, automatically drawing the eyes and attention of potential customers. At the same time it can be a great tool for explaining complex products or services.

Expand Your Sales Team

While you and your staff will be the best way to interact with customers, during a rush it can be difficult to keep up with everyone. You also have some cases where people will be uncomfortable engaging with a person directly, and instead will wish to learn more about your company before starting a conversation. Video displays are great for these scenarios, as they can help to prep a potential customer or client, hitting on important product points, slogans, and branding messages which can then be reinforced directly by sales techniques employed by your crew,

Explain Complicated Products

Some products, services, and company goals are more complicated than others. It may require a demonstration to effectively convey the value being offered by a particular organization’s offerings. While having a live person present your products/services to the crowd throughout the show can be effective, it is also limited by time, exertion, and the flow of trade show events. That’s where video can come in. You can have several screens playing throughout your display booth, either with sound or without, all explaining the intricacies of your company to whoever arrives whenever they show up. That can be much more effective than simple written words and graphics.

Demonstrate Real World Use

The best way to get to know the value of a product or service is to see it in action. With video screens, you can fill your booth with constant, looping examples of your offerings being employed in real world situations. That shows the advantages that you have to offer, in a cost and space efficient 2D manner that doesn’t take up much floor space, leaving you with room to interact with customers directly and perform your own displays.

Draw Attention

Video automatically draws people’s attention, causing them to glance towards the source of the movement without even realizing it. This is a subtle but powerful marketing technique which you can employ to get more visitors to your booth. Having flashy, colorful, exciting graphics playing out throughout your area will cause people to take notice, and want to learn more about who you are and what you do. Once you have them in your booth you can then employ sales tactics and use lead generation systems to try and collect their contact details.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

In every industry there are certain questions that get asked over and over again. You can print the answers in huge letters across your packaging, and you’ll still get the same queries from people constantly over the life of your business. With a video, you can record the responses to all of these inquiries once, and then play them on a loop, to help cut down on some of the spoken redundancy that you and your staff will have to handle.

Interactive Experiences

With the advent of iPads, tablets, and touchscreen monitors it is possible to take video to a whole new level. You can now have interactive games, polls, and experiences, that engage people in a new and profound way. That allows you to capture important market data from them, while also enamoring them of your organization and its modern sensibilities.

Trade Show Trends that Raise the Bar

In our digital age, a trade show booth is more than simply displaying your new product for the world to see. A successful booth uses current technology and some digital razzle-dazzle to add a high-tech spark to their exhibit. Making the most of tech-based trends at your next trade show will help you better reach your evolving audience while achieving your sales and marketing goals. Here are some of the top trends that have been proven to successfully engage your audience.

Lounging Areas with Charging Stations
Trade shows are exhausting! People need a place where they can rest and recharge themselves and their mobile devices. Be the hero your tradeshow deserves and win your attendees over by providing comfortable seating with multiple AC power outlets and USB ports with micro-USBs for Androids and Lightning connectors for Apple. While your booth visitors are relaxing and recharging, you can win extra brownie points by providing food and beverages as an ice breaker to engage them in conversation about your company and services. Recharging booths have the bonus of doubling as a social marketing tactic. As visitors relax and check their phones, encourage them to check in and use a hashtag of your choosing. It’s a win-win situation!

Encourage Crowd Participation with Games and Contests
More and more exhibitors are using game who-like elements or ‘gamification’ in their displays and booths. These items are well thought out and not just quickly thrown together. They are designed to provide memorable experiences for every attendee. exhibitors should, “take advantage of the natural human inclination to compete. Make sure games or contests are interesting and offer attendees enough incentive to participate, but also make sure that whatever you do it is aligned with your company goals for the show.

Immerse Your Audience in a Virtual Reality
VR experiences are a crowd-pleaser at trade shows, offering an exciting alternative to the stuffy, corporate style booths. Virtual reality offers exhibitors a unique and cost-effective way to truly showcase abilities, as it can take the viewer away from the show, allowing them to experience your product. While still considered and new and emerging technology, expect to see increased adoption of virtual reality in event marketing. From 360-degree photos to sophisticated renderings and videos, VR creates a memorable experience for your audience.

When looking to apply some of these trends to your trade show booth, be sure to evaluate your industry, objectives, and audience. Don’t incorporate a trend simply for the sake of the trend. Ensure you pick a trend with a purpose, one that will make your brand memorable while translating into conversions. Last, but not least, don’t forget the primary aspect of marketing that will never go out of date – the human element. A trendy, well-designed booth may attract a crowd, but you need a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced booth staff to develop a meaningful and profitable relationship with your potential customers.

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Appealing to the Right Demographic at Trade Shows

If you want to make sure the right people are getting the message about your products and services, it’s best to come up with effective tactics for reaching them at your next trade show. Here are some of the things you and your team should consider.

Determine Your Audience

One of the first things you should do to reach the right demographic is to determine exactly who your audience is. This will help you decide the designs and colors for your trade show booth and will help you and your team come up with trade show ideas that will make your exhibit one of a kind. For instance, if you sell items for kids, bright colors and an animated logo are ideal, but you should also make sure that your wording and marketing tactics appeal to parents as well. If you want your target audience to be other business people, make sure your font and color choices are conservative but distinct.

Consider Past Trade Shows

Think about the trade shows you’ve attended in the past and consider the tactics that you need to use for the upcoming show. Which strategies worked and which didn’t? If you want to appeal to customers who are concerned about their health, was it more effective for you to offer samples or show a short video commercial? If your products are created to appeal to families, did the promotional products you offered lead to sales? Make a list of all the things that made your last trade show successful and incorporate these into your next marketing event.

Think About Your Goals 

Consider your overall goal for attending trade shows. Do you want to make actual sales at the show? Do you want attendees to visit your trade show booth and ask questions about your company so they will eventually become customers? Do you hope to connect with investors while you’re at the show? This will guide you in deciding who your marketing messages should attract. When you know what you want to accomplish at the trade show, you can plan the show in a way that will get the results you need.

Prepare Your Team

Finally, get your team ready for reaching the right demographic as you prepare for your next trade show. If your company has kid-friendly products or services, it may be ideal to have a team member dress as your company’s signature character so kids will convince their parents to come visit your booth. If you’re selling software-related products, prepare a demonstration on a tablet or monitor so attendees passing by will see it and become interested in what you have to offer. Work with your team to come up with trade show ideas that are specific to your booth, such as special raffles or coupons for attendees who leave their contact information. Remember, the way you gather leads, as well as the way you relate to customers and decorate your trade show exhibit, will determine whether your demographic is excited about your products and services.