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Best Giveaways for Trade Shows

When you own a business one of the first and most important things you want to do is get your brand and business name out there to as many people as possible. In order to do that you need to make your business available to others. This is when attending a wholesale trade show will come in handy. Your business will be displayed in front of hundreds of attendees that can become your potential clients if they develop an interest in what you have to offer.

One way to attract more people to your trade show booth rental is by having a giveaway. However, as trade show events continue to evolve, so should your giveaway options. Giveaways become more elaborate as time passes. Here are the best giveaway ideas for your next trade show event.

1. Smart Wallets for Mobile Devices

Smart wallets are not only handy and will be used over and over again, but you can add your signature touch to it by displaying your business logo prominently. They are slim silicone pouches that attach to the outside of any mobile device and holds a driver’s license, credit cards, hotel keys, business cards and even cash. They are an excellent giveaway idea as the winner can begin using it right away.

2. Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have become a huge trend that is sweeping the nation. These can be an excellent option as it allows you to place your logo on them while helping your attendees get creative at the same time. Consumers enjoy adult coloring books because they are calming, relaxing and enjoyable. This is a great gift for your trade show booth attendees; they can relax while becoming more aware of your business.

3. PopSockets

PopSockets are a very trendy item because of their convenience. They are a phone stand with a unique twist to them. The twist is that they give you the ability to have more grip when holding your phone. This makes texting, video calling, and all phone activities a lot easier. This is a very convenient giveaway prize as the winner can begin to use it right away. You can also customize them and make your logo part of the PopSocket.

4. Magnets

Although, this is a giveaway item that is quite popular it is something that will continue to help keep your brand in mind, as the potential client will be taking it home and viewing it every day. They can also be very useful.

When you are considering your giveaway item, it is important to keep in mind the objects that you choose and how well it will maintain your brand’s logo. You want your brand’s logo to be seen for a long time as it will make potential customers more likely to give you a follow-up call. Which is exactly what you want from a potential consumer.

Trade Show Booth Games

Having games at your trade show booth is an excellent idea to attract visitors. It’s a way of bringing more people to your booth without the need to personally draw them in. Instead, they will find their way to your booth on their own. Booth games are also another way to have your staff interact with prospective clients which means the client is ready to listen to what your staff say and the services they have to offer.

When hosting booth games, there needs to be a prize at the end. You want to ensure you are providing a prize to the winner which could be a sample of your product. The reason behind this is if there is a prize there is a higher chance that people will want to play. You also want to incorporate your brand and company into these games. The more chances you have to share what your business motto is, the more likely you are to receive leads from the participants of the game. The following booth games could be incorporated into your trade show booth.

Social Media Platform

Social media can be a great way to incorporate games into your booth. If you are considering using social media as a gaming system, think about having large flat screens that show the rules of the game and what hashtags should be used to win. A great social media platform to use for this game is Twitter.

Twitter makes it easy to interact with attendees using a hashtag as this can easily be searched. Offer a prize that is related to your brand or product, and you have the perfect game. Choose a winner every hour, and you will have a large crowd around your trade show exhibit.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are very popular at trade show exhibits because they allow attendees to stand out and share what they know about a certain topic. If you focus on a particular topic and on giving the spotlight to the attendee that wins you will have a successful event. This can cause friendly competition among attendees which can be very beneficial for you.

Prize Wheel

Having a prize wheel in front of your display may be one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to attracting potential clients, but the truth of the matter is that it works! It works because it offers a large sign that pretty much says “free stuff.” Everyone loves free stuff. Therefore, it is a way to entice people and make them want to crowd around your booth and figure out how they can win.

Although, games are fun and can bring a large crowd to your booth it is important to keep in mind that they do not make or break your presentation. Instead, games should be an accessory to what you have to offer. Think of your booth game as the fun part of putting together a successful custom trade booth display.

Trade Show Travel Tips

Trade shows can cause any professional traveler stress. Taking your custom trade show display booth on the road can cause several things to go wrong, which is why many trade show enthusiasts, tend to over think taking their products and services around the country. However, if we are completely honest, taking your products and services on the road can offer more pros than cons which is why many choose to do so.

There are twice as many things to do when you are taking your show on the road. Therefore, proper planning is the way to get things done correctly every time. Here are some trade show travel tips that are sure to help make your traveling easier.

Book your Hotel in Advance

We all have a personal preference when it comes to the hotel we like to stay in. Therefore, it is important to book the hotel you prefer with enough time. Booking your hotel ahead of time will save you lots of headaches and many hours of having to look for alternatives of where you and your team should stay.

If your hotel is fully booked during the time you need it, do not panic instead remain on the waiting list until it is your turn. People reserve hotel rooms in advanced and many times end up canceling for one reason or another which is when being on the waiting list will come in handy.

Pick a Flight a few Days before the Event

You do not want to fly out the day of or the night before the event as this can cause multiple things to go wrong such as flight delays or even a storm that can make your flight late. Therefore, choosing a flight that is a few days before the event will give you plenty of time to arrive without too much hassle

Pack Smarter

Packing is one of those things that drives everyone crazy. You want to pack lightly, but with the necessary items you will need to have a successful trip. If you will only be in town for a few days, there is no need for you to have multiple different lounge bags that will weigh you down. Instead, consider having a smaller bag that contains all the things you need.

To Rent or Not to Rent?

Renting a car is optional. However, it does enable you to navigate unfamiliar territory which can make many people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you choose to rent a car, we advise getting one with a GPS that is easy to work with. If you choose not to rent a car, keep in mind that cab fares are expensive and this can cause you to spend even more money on the event than you had anticipated.

Have a Plan B

Planning is huge when you are working on getting your custom trade show display booth on the road. However, just like with anything things can go wrong, which is why we advise you to have a plan B. If your first plan does not work out, it is essential to have a backup plan that will seamlessly take its place. It is also important that your entire staff is aware of plan B. They should know how to resolve problems and put the backup plan into action in case something does go wrong.

Day-Before Prep Tips for your Next Trade Show

A lot of work and money goes into creating the perfect trade show experience. Therefore, creating an experience that will generate leads and bring more people on board with your vision is exactly what you want. To do just that you need to be well prepared for what exactly will happen at your trade show exhibit. Your staff should also be well prepared for what to expect at the show.

These days-before prep tips for your next trade show will get you on the right track to having a successful show.

Go Over the Game Plan

The day before your next trade show is prep day. It is the day you need to take full advantage of getting everything you need prepared. This is the day you and your staff need to check the game plan for the exhibition. Going over the game plan will give you the security that most things will go as smoothly as possible. It will also make every staff member aware of what is expected of them at the trade show exhibit.

Use Social Media

While you are prepping for the event, you want to ensure you are keeping your current customers in the loop and sharing with them what you have prepared for your big day. You should be doing this via social media. Social media is an excellent platform to get people interested in your products and in wanting to visit your trade show exhibit. This will show your current and potential customers that you are interested in interacting with them and in sharing your services with them.

Create a First Aid Kit for your Booth

After you have created the perfect trade show display for your company, you want to make sure the display remains intact at all times. Therefore, it is important to create a first aid kit for your booth with some essentials that will keep it intact just in case something may go wrong. Here are some essentials to include:
∞ Scissors
∞ Duct Tape
∞ Extra Light Bulbs (only if your display has lighting)
∞ Permanent Markers
∞ Extra Pens
∞ Safety Pins

Having these items on hand will help you feel more prepared for your big day.

Set Your Alarm at least 2 Hours Before the Event

The day before the event you want to set your alarm at least two hours before the event is due to begin. Keep in mind you need to build and adjust your booth even if you hire someone to do that; you still want to be early and supervise what is being done to your booth. You also want to make sure you arrive at the event with enough time to prepare to have people surrounding your booth for a few hours.

Try to Relax

The day of your trade show exhibit will be a stressful one. Regardless, of how much you plan and have everything in order, you will still feel stressed and a sense of pressure. Therefore, the day before your trade show try to relax and focus on having a great trade show outcome.

How to Present your Products to Customers

Presenting your product at a trade show exhibit may sound simple and easy to manage. All you need to do is display the product and hope for the best right? Not exactly which is a misconception many trade show companies have. They believe all you need to do is showcase the product in the best lighting and everything will work itself out. However, this is not the case, although a product can be great, it may not receive the performance you believe it will because you are not working on actually selling the product the way it should be sold.

Many companies will become sidetracked at the trade show exhibition and forget what the exhibition is all about. The purpose of a trade show exhibit is making a sale, getting leads and working on getting people on board with what you have to offer. Therefore, there is a right way to present your products to customers and here’s how to do just that.

Custom Trade Show Display

Your trade show exhibit design is the first thing all trade show attendees will come across and interact with when they first see your product. Therefore, you need to display your products in the best position possible. Consider having a custom trade show booth that brings light and directs attention to your product. The products you are looking to sell should be the main focus of your display. The trade show attendees shouldn’t have any doubt about what you are trying to sell them as the products should be displayed so well they can sell themselves.

Use Direct Lighting

As stated above, your trade show exhibit display needs to be attention grabbing enough that it brings new individuals to your booth. However, if you want your products to stand out, consider adding direct lighting to your booth. The more lighting there is around your booth, the easier it will be for people to spot your products and want to learn more about them.

Have a Presentation

Offering a demonstration or presentation that shows the attendees how your product can help them on a daily basis is the best way to sell a product without being overbearing. It is also an excellent way to share how your product works. Showcasing a product does not need to be difficult or an elaborate task. You should seek to simplify the presentation and even involve people from the crowd.

Ask and Answer their Questions

When you are doing a demonstration or simply placing your product on your display, it is important to ask and answer the attendee’s questions. This is an excellent way to get individuals to see what your product has to offer them. The problem with many sales people is that they love to speak and share what they have to offer instead of listening to what the consumer wants.

If you listen more, you will get the results that you seek. Many potential customers simply want to be heard on what their problem is. Therefore, if you can answer their questions and listen to them, you will have a higher chance of bringing them on board with your products.