How to appeal to all the senses at your next trade show

How to appeal to all the sensesAttracting customers is the name of the game when it comes to trade shows. Potential customers are people and people respond to stimuli made to wake up their 5 senses, including smell, sound, touch, taste, and sight. Therefore, your booth needs to be everything but plain. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, dynamic, and modern in order to provide visitors with a complete sensory experience.

Here are some tips that you can use at your next trade show:

• Sight: it shouldn’t surprise you that sight is the first thing that typically attracts visitors. You can use colored displays, the latest developments in tablets and smartphones, or exceptional graphics. However, do not forget the human factor: an appropriately dressed sales and marketing team. Everything as far as sight at your trade show booth should speak about your brand and your company.


• Taste: Having snacks at your booth will always attract visitors, since most booths don’t have snacks. If you can think of something edible that represents your brand, it will definitely impress potential customers. Trade shows require a lot of walking and talking so a nice snack and maybe a bottle of water is not a bad idea to spruce up your booth.


• Smell: Although scent can be a very powerful tool to attract future customers, smell is also a delicate sense since it can have a huge influence on one’s mood and help bring back the memory of something from a while back. Whether you use candles, plug-ins, oils, or other means to produce smell in your booth, take into account the resulting emotional effects as well. For example, peppermint is associated with a state of alert, vanilla, chamomile, and lavender induces relaxation, a barbecue smell makes people perceive a room as smaller while apple and cucumber has the opposite effect. Also, floral and citrus scents make people browse longer and spend more and fresh baked goods induce comfort in people and make them open to buying a home.


• Sound: in a similar way to smell, sound can affect mood and therefore you can use a form of music to add ambiance to your booth. This needs to be handled carefully because sometimes people get so caught up in the stimuli that affect their senses that it ends up interfering with sales. When you choose the right sound, make certain you always consider the type of booth you have and the type of music you choose relative to your target audience.


• Touch: it is crucial that your visitors have the ability to touch the products you are selling. Allowing them to touch the products subconsciously tells them that you trust the quality of what you are selling. Sometimes, smell and touch interact and offer the visitor a complete feel of the product. This alone can be a big selling point.

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