Trade show displays that work

Trade show displays are the most efficient tools for marketers to showcase their products or services and facilitate interaction with potential customers in the most effective and attractive way. However, trade show display options are incredibly varied and may represent any graphic exhibit device designed to be used at a trade show, from table top displays to pop up displays, banner stands, flat panel displays, and other such solutions that fill your booth at a trade show.


Displays can vary greatly in size, cost and complexity, depending on what you are looking for in a display. Trade show displays are often filled with catch phrases and use bold images in an attempt to attract visitors to their booth. This makes it easier for sales representatives to promote the companies products and services. Choosing the most appropriate trade show displays for your booth can make a huge difference in attracting visitors to your booth.


Check out the newest trends in the trade show market when it comes to trade show displays that work:


Trade show displays that work - 1• Pop-up Displays are portable displays that graphically represent the company’s message using a flexible panel attached to a spring-padded roller. The pop-up trade show displays can be rolled for storage or pulled up and secured to a post at the back of the roller. There are many advantages that pop up displays offer: they can be used individually or in a series, are easily transported in small cases because they can be rolled down to a very small size, don’t take much work or time to set up or dismantle, and are very lightweight in most cases. Generally, they have a curved shape but today’s most popular trade show displays are pop-up displays used as straight walls that come with mural graphics.


Trade show displays that work - 2• Banner Stands are similar to pop-up displays and are a very common presence at trade shows. Banner stands are a large graphic supported in a free-standing frame. Their portability and lightweight represent their greatest advantages. Banner stands are very popular as trade show displays because they can be rolled up and transported easily and the graphics and lights are detachable. They also come in a variety of forms, shapes, and sizes, such as motorized scrolling banners, outdoor banners, X banner stands, or retractable banner stands.

Trade show displays that work - 3• The modular exhibits are probably the most efficient combination between a panel and frame system and a pop up display. Unlike a pop-up that is typically a small ground property, the modular display represents a standardized structure, whether it is a lightweight panel construction, a metal frame work, or any other type of structure that is configured in such a way that it meets the structure limitations of the trade show requirements. More importantly, modular exhibits weigh on average 60% less than traditional custom exhibits, which is a huge advantage. The fact that they can be reconfigured into a variety of new layouts for the next trade show is truly an exceptional characteristic of these Lego-like trade show displays.
When you get involved in trade shows, there is nothing that speaks more eloquently about your company and the products or services you are offering than the quality of your trade show displays. Quality can be seen in every detail of the display, from the materials that are used to the craftsmanship put in to produce them, or the attention to detail of the design. So make sure that you certify the quality of your products through the quality of the trade show displays you are using.

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