Who Does Truss Rental Make Sense For?

Being tasked with setting up your organization’s exhibition display is a very big responsibility that calls for making a lot of important decisions. Between setting the design and trying to stick within a budget, it can all become rather complex. When a big, impactful display is desired, but funding isn’t exactly at the ready, truss rental can make a great deal of sense.

Truss rental is offered by some of the very best exhibit fabrication companies in the industry. This option involves simply renting the frame for the display rather than having to purchase it. Companies that offer trusses for rent also often offer other options, such as larger island and double deck displays, as well.

Rentals can make sense in a number of scenarios. Here’s how to tell if this option makes the most sense for your organization:

  • If there’s a one-off need for a big, impressive display – Investing in a giant double deck display or a complex truss system for a single show where bigger is better can be very costly. When truss rental is used instead, money can be spent on the graphics and visuals, which can easily be used again in the future. There’s simply no need to pay full price for the hardware and framing when rentals make good choices.
  • If your company only displays once a year or so – If you don’t follow a regular presentation schedule, there’s not a big, pressing reason to invest in a truss system. It’s more economically sound to opt for a rental in this case. Now, if your company intends to hit the exhibit road fast and hard with numerous appearances throughout the year, a permanent display owned by the company can make more sense.
  • When the budget is tight – It simply makes more sense in this case to invest in the visuals to make a display really stand out. Rentals can cover the hardware when it’s needed.

Truss rental simply offers you options when budget is better spent on the visuals. Rather than put out a capital outlay for something that won’t get much use, it makes more sense to invest in the graphics that can be used more readily throughout the year.

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