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How One Awesome Booth Design Can Transform Your Trade Show Campaign

As you’re preparing for your trade show displays, you’re likely thinking of the various ways you can make your booth stand out. There are certain designs that can completely transform your campaign, and it’s important to know what these designs are before the trade show. Of course, you’ll also need to know what to avoid to ensure that your booth is seen as polished, professional and attractive.  Here are some of the ways that just one design choice can make your exhibit stand out.

Think in Color
It’s no secret that potential buyers are visually attracted to trade show displays that look great. In addition to taking the time to incorporate original designs into your booth, be sure to add bright color. This will prompt already-interested customers to come to your booth faster, and will make your exhibit appealing to customers who have never heard of your business and want to find out more.

Be sure that your brand messaging and the name of your company is clear on all sides of your booth, and use color to your advantage when highlighting the main words in your slogan or marketing messages.

Make The Booth Welcoming
Once you’ve got your exhibit looking just the way you want, you should make sure that the booth is welcoming. Your team members should surround the booth with smiling faces, and should wear professional attire. You should also have lots of promotional material to hand out to potential customers. The material can also be part of your design if you attach some of your posters or pamphlets to the front of the table. It’s a good idea to have a video demo set up at your booth for those who want to see how your product works in real time. When you’re friendly and knowledgeable, this will motivate customers to engage with you and ask questions about your services or products.

Modularity Works
The design of your exhibit should combine booth design creativity with essential elements. You also have to keep in mind that you’re working with limited space, which is why bright colors are so important. A modular design is best, because the pieces of the display can be used in a variety of spaces. Modular design involves the items that are absolutely necessary to showcase your business in the best light. Start with the largest possible design, then scale it down so that you’ll always have a great design plan no matter where you set up your booth. Some of the elements of your booth should be able to stand alone, such as the tablet to display your product commercial or a small table to display the various versions of your product. It may also help to color-coordinate your marketing materials according to customer needs.

You Need More Than Swag
Lastly, remember that when it comes to your trade show exhibit, make sure you’re more focused on your actual product and the design of your booth than giving out swag to customers. Of course, it’s fine to hand out things like pens, mugs and t-shirts so that your logo and brand name can stay on the customer’s mind, but the booth is what will make people want to learn more initially. Free giveaways are somewhat expected at trade shows, so be sure to make them interesting, but don’t let them outshine your booth design. If you do a good enough job designing your booth with interactive materials and color schemes that truly stand out, you may even be able to get away with handing out too much free stuff.

Emergency Trade Show Items You Should Have On Hand

When you’re planning for your trade show, there are lots of things to keep in mind. The positioning of your booth is important, and the team members that you select to man the booth and greet customers. Of course, as with any event, accidents can happen. That’s why it’s important to have some emergency items on hand in case anything goes wrong at the trade show. Be sure to keep this list on hand.

Cell Phone Numbers

You’ll need the numbers for all your employees and suppliers before heading to the trade show. This ensures that you’re able to contact people right away if you have questions or need extra supplies. It’s best to save the numbers both in your phone and write them down in a notebook. This way, if you’re away from your phone or charging your device, you’ll still have access to important contact information.

Emergency Contacts

In addition to the cell phone numbers of your team members, make sure that you have their emergency contact info as well. If anything happens at the event or with the exhibit you’ll need to get in touch with someone right away who can help.

Extra AV Cables

The proper hookups for all your technology are a necessity at a trade show. Make sure you have some extra cables on hand in case your plugins become faulty for any reason.

First Aid Kit

If someone on your team sustains a minor injury or isn’t feeling well, it’s important to have a first aid kit handy. Items like Band-Aids and bandages, as well as antibacterial cream, pain medicine and allergy pills should be included in the kit. A small bottle of disinfectant should also be in the kit to keep the environment around your booth free of germs.

Hand Sanitizer

Hopefully, you’re going to be shaking a lot of hands at the trade show. That means you’re going to need a lot of hand sanitizer. Keep your hands free of germs to keep your immune system strong, and to prevent passing germs on to other potential customers.

Breath Mints

This may not be an “emergency” item you readily think about, but you can make the trade show exhibit much more pleasant by popping in a breath mint every hour or so. Remember, you’ll be speaking to lots of people, and will likely have to be close to them so they can hear you clearly. Keep your breath smelling fresh so you won’t be offensive and can maintain your professional reputation. Mints are usually a better choice than gum, since the constant chewing action can be a little off-putting.

Extra Pens

It’s pretty much a given that someone is bound to walk off with a pen you let them borrow. Be sure to have a small basket of extra pens (you can keep them under the table out of sight) so you’ll always have writing utensils.

Stain Remover

Your trade show exhibit may get stained throughout the day. You’ll also need stain remover in case any members of your team get a stain on their clothes. Remember, your booth and your employees should look their best throughout the event.


If the power goes out in the place where you’re holding the trade show, batteries are a quick fix that can keep your electronic devices functioning well. Your quick thinking could also make you stand out amongst the other booths and bring more customers your way.

Office Supplies

Items like paper clips, scissors and staples can definitely come in handy when you’re putting marketing materials together for the people who visit your trade show booth. If you need to cut out forms or keep certain files together, these office supplies will keep you organized.

Cleaning Wipes

Finally, keep your booth clean with wipes that will wipe away any smudges of dirt. If you’re trying to keep your booth looking great throughout the event, potential customers are bound to notice this and ask more questions about your products.

Have Fun With Your Brand At Your Next Trade Show

While trade shows are all about displaying your brands, products and services in a way that will boost company reputation and sales, it’s important to have fun in the process. When potential customers or partners see that you enjoy your work and believe in what you’re offering, you’re more likely to acquire the business you want. These tips can help to make your trade show, as well as your presence at the trade show, especially memorable.

Give Customers Creative “Party Favors”

Make sure that your company stands out by giving your customers something eye-catching to remember you by. It could be something as simple as a brightly colored sticker. Or, you could fill a customized mug with candies that match the colors of your company logo. Practical items that feature your company logo, such as a pen, key chain or flashlight can also serve as effective marketing tools. You can also give your team members the “favors” to use, so that customers can see their appeal right away. For instance, cell phone covers or t-shirts stand out and could prompt customers to ask more questions about your brand. This makes you stand out and keeps you in the mind of consumers when they’re in the market for the products and services you provide.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Before you arrive at the trade show, it’s a great idea to advertise the event on your social media pages. While you’re at the show, take lots of pictures with the people who visit your booth. Be sure to get high-quality photos of your custom trade show display. When your social media followers see what a great time you had at the trade show (and recognize themselves in some of the pictures), this can lead to more overall exposure for your business. At the trade show, don’t forget to direct customers to your social media pages, so they can keep up with all the new services and products you offer.

Decorate Your Booth

Even before potential customers speak to you, they’ll be attracted to your booth by its visual appeal. Yes, you want to keep your trade show booth professional and polished. However, you can accentuate the brighter colors in your logo when covering your table or creating the trade show displays that will be positioned behind the table. Accents like balloons or customized confetti can make your booth stand out while your look remains polished.

Get The Team Involved

Make sure your entire team is involved in making the trade show a success for your company. Give everyone a job to do that showcases his/her strengths. For instance, your friendliest team members should work at the booth, while the employees who are skilled in technology should be in charge of creating an app for your company or keeping your social media accounts updated. When everyone on your team is having a great time at the trade show, this will be obvious to customers. People naturally want to be part of something that makes them feel secure and appreciated, so top-notch teamwork could lead to increased long-term profits for your company.

Relax and Have Fun

Finally, remember to have a great time and remain relaxed. Showing your exhibit in the best way can be overwhelming at times, but when you need to take a short break, just take a few breaths and remember your professional goals. Remember to be personable and engaging with everyone who comes to your booth  It may even help to have some upbeat music playing to keep you relaxed and attract attendees to your booth.

The Only Metric That Really Matters

There are a lot of advantages that can be gained by attending and exhibiting a booth at an industry trade show. Many of these are ephemeral long term benefits, that are difficult to properly quantify in order to figure out your return on investment. However, at the end of the day, the only metric that really matters is how much you are able to increase company revenue through your efforts. While connections, brand awareness, and prestige are all great, the bottom line is what your business lives and dies by.

Trade Show Efficiency

There are a variety of benefits that your company can achieve by exhibiting at an industry trade show. You need to identify your specific goals, ranked by importance, so that you can focus your efforts in order to gain the optimal advantage from this experience. If you are most interested in networking then you should hold a conference, or attempt to attract powerful people in the field with talks or awards ceremonies. If marketing is more vital to your plan then invest in your display stand, working to make it stand out from the crowd. You can then use your aspirations to quantify the success that you have during the event.

Connecting With Customers

There are both direct and indirect benefits to connecting directly with customers. The immediate benefit is that you may be able to close a large number of sales the day of the event, booking orders, or even merchandising samples that you may have brought to demonstrate the benefits of your offerings. The long term goals are more ephemeral, but can be even more powerful. Those include brand recognition, the growth of consumer trust, and the ability to more easily close deals during future interactions.

Advertising Opportunities

The cost of traditional advertising using media channels such as television, print, radio, and the internet, can be prohibitive for a new company starting out. The budget required to gain an effective toe hold using those methods is significant, and due to marketing blindness, it will often take multiple instances of each effort conducted regularly over months or years to achieve your goal. However a trade show affords you the opportunity to impact directly on highly targeted customers, in a real life experience. This is not a one way conversation where they are being sold at, but rather an interactive process that lets them touch the product, meet the owner, and come to form a real, human relationship with the messages that you are trying to spread.

Build The List

One of the most important things that you can do to increase revenue for your company over time is to build a credible list of targeted leads that you can reach out to, periodically, after the trade show is over. While tallying up the actual dollars and cents that you made during the event can be an easy to quantify metric of success, the contact information that you are able to extract is another number which you can use to gauge your efforts. While these people may not have laid cash down immediately, they are often in the market for the products or services you are offering, which can lead to revenue streams that can last for months or years.

Track Everything

While quantifying the success of things such as spreading brand awareness, and mass marketing attempts can be difficult, you still want to compile as much data as possible. You should track how many people visit your booth, the number of leads you can generate, how many industry connections you made, and the success of campaigns such as contests or giveaways. The more information that you have the easier it will be to parse guidelines from it all.