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5 Tips To Generate Sales Leads At Your Next Trade Show

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a great trade show booth exhibit, which is why it is important to generate sale leads while you’re there to increase your business.
Here are 5 tips on how to generate sale leads at your next trade show.

1. Have A Goal

Before you decide to attend a trade show, it is extremely important to set a goal on what you plan to accomplish, such as how many leads you want by the end of each day. Setting goals makes it easier for the staff at the booth, since they know exactly what needs to be accomplished.
For example, if your goal is to generate 100 sales leads and you get 110, then you know the next time around you can aim a little higher.

2. Create A Unique Look For Your Staff

Whether all of the staff is wearing the same shirt, outfit, hat, or shoes. You can get creative with how best your team should represent your company. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. The last thing you want is to look like everyone else, who are also trying to stand out amongst the crowd.
The staff that plans on attending your trade show should look cohesive, and have your logo present on their uniform. If you decide to go with  a t-shirt design, give it a custom look that will make people want to ask about your company’s custom trade show booth as they pass by.

3. Give A Free Consultation

If your company provides consultations, A great way to generate leads is by giving the attendees a free consultation that pertains to your services. A free consultation is a great way to generate leads and give them a preview of what you can do for them.

4. Be Attentive To The Attendees

You want people to want to come to your booth. The bigger the crowd the more chances you have of creating leads that will lead to sales. As attendees pass by, you want to make sure you’re catching their attention. Once they show interest in your booth, you want to be as attentive as possible and be able to answer their questions, so you can generate that lead. Your visitors should feel intrigued to know more about what you can do for them.

5. Send An Appreciation Email

Once the trade show has concluded and you have reached your goal of sale leads. You want to send out an appreciative email to all the people whose email you have collected, and any information you told them you would send them, Whether it’s more information on a products you discussed, a newsletter you signed them up for, or just some information on your products.

Follow up is key to generating a new lead.