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Cutting Edge Tech Tools For Your Next Trade Show

The purpose of technology is to enhance speed, convenience and to improve our lives in multiple ways. Since technology has advanced we have been able to find multiple ways to keep in touch with the people we love and the businesses we are interested in. Technology has now become a part of trade shows. Adding technology tools to your trade show exhibit is a great way to bring more people to your booth and make them aware of your brand.

Here are some cutting edge tech tools that can be beneficial to you for your next trade show.


It can be difficult to pass around a microphone to employees and other attendees while trying to answer their question. This is where Catchbox comes in handy. It is a throwable microphone that audience members can catch and pass around. The way that it is designed, it allows the microphone to become mute while it is being passed around.


Since social media has become such a huge part of our everyday lives, it is important to include it in your trade show presentation. Snapchat can be added as an accessory to your custom trade show exhibit. Snapchat builds social walls from images and tweets from the attendees. It uses social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram to search for the trade show event.


Loopd is the latest in wearable technology, it is almost undetectable as it is worn as a necklace with a small piece attached to it. Loopd was created to make it easier for businesses and companies to collect information on the attendees without disturbing their experience. Many times to collect information from an attendee, a brand personnel would have to ask the attendee a couple of questions.
With Loopd it has just gotten a lot easier. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows people to communicate via their smartphone with people in close proximity.

Social Background

Social background takes Instagram photos and brings them to life. If an attendee happens to take a photo of your trade show exhibit and hash tags the trade show or your brand you will be able to print this photo out like a polaroid using this app. Not only will you be bringing your Instagram photos to life, but you will be bringing more awareness to your brand. By encouraging people to use your custom hashtag, more people will become aware of your presence at the trade show.

Touch Screen Displays

You can use as many high tech tools and apps as you would like. However, nothing beats a touch screen display that is interactive with the attendees. Visitors are always looking for something unique from an exhibit. Giving your trade show booth the power of technology can be a great touch to any custom design you may have going on.

Marketing Strategies To Attract Millennials

Millennials represent the majority of buyers and contributors for today’s economy. They have the money and are ready to spend it on a brand or product that has caught their attention. However, not all marketing strategies seem to work when it comes to millennials, simply because they are the generation of technology.

These are marketing strategies that are sure to attract millennials to your brand or product.

1. Create Great Content

Content is key when you want to attract millennials. Millennials do not like traditional ads. They don’t want to be spammed with things they should buy. Instead they like to read why a product is great and the reason they should try it themselves.
By having great content added to your website, you will be giving your brand a voice by helping others see how useful your product can be. It also allows you to create a buzz about your next trade show exhibit.

2. Add Social Media Links

As soon as a new social media platform becomes popular among millennials, your first thought should be to add it to your business page or blog. Millennials are a social media generation. What this means is by you having more social media links on your business page, you will be allowing millennials to share your product with other like-minded people. This is a great way to market your product and make it shareable with others.

3. Go Mobile

One of the best things you can do for your business or product is to go mobile. Let’s face it 80% of millennials spend their entire time on their mobile devices. May it be an iPhone, Tablet, IPad , etc. There will always be a mobile device that they will be on. By making your product mobile you will have a bigger opportunity of getting discovered by a millennial.

4.Work with influencers

It is not enough to have a great product anymore. If you want to reach millennials you need to have influencers that really speak to what they are looking for. Depending on your brand, with a Google search you can find influencers that are the most popular in your niche. This is an excellent way to get millennials to not only believe in your product, but also want to attend your next custom trade show exhibit.

5. Focus on Convenience

Having grown up with an on demand entertainment perspective, millennials like things that can solve their problems and are convenient for them. They want things that are easy to use and easy to understand. The fewer steps your product has, the easier it will be to reach the millennial generation.

6. Embrace Customization

Millennials enjoy being unique and embracing the “strange or different quirks” people or things may have. Making your product customizable allows people to create their very own unique product. Millennials want to invest in something that is personal to them and what they believe in.