Trade Show Travel Tips

Trade shows can cause any professional traveler stress. Taking your custom trade show display booth on the road can cause several things to go wrong, which is why many trade show enthusiasts, tend to over think taking their products and services around the country. However, if we are completely honest, taking your products and services on the road can offer more pros than cons which is why many choose to do so.

There are twice as many things to do when you are taking your show on the road. Therefore, proper planning is the way to get things done correctly every time. Here are some trade show travel tips that are sure to help make your traveling easier.

Book your Hotel in Advance

We all have a personal preference when it comes to the hotel we like to stay in. Therefore, it is important to book the hotel you prefer with enough time. Booking your hotel ahead of time will save you lots of headaches and many hours of having to look for alternatives of where you and your team should stay.

If your hotel is fully booked during the time you need it, do not panic instead remain on the waiting list until it is your turn. People reserve hotel rooms in advanced and many times end up canceling for one reason or another which is when being on the waiting list will come in handy.

Pick a Flight a few Days before the Event

You do not want to fly out the day of or the night before the event as this can cause multiple things to go wrong such as flight delays or even a storm that can make your flight late. Therefore, choosing a flight that is a few days before the event will give you plenty of time to arrive without too much hassle

Pack Smarter

Packing is one of those things that drives everyone crazy. You want to pack lightly, but with the necessary items you will need to have a successful trip. If you will only be in town for a few days, there is no need for you to have multiple different lounge bags that will weigh you down. Instead, consider having a smaller bag that contains all the things you need.

To Rent or Not to Rent?

Renting a car is optional. However, it does enable you to navigate unfamiliar territory which can make many people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you choose to rent a car, we advise getting one with a GPS that is easy to work with. If you choose not to rent a car, keep in mind that cab fares are expensive and this can cause you to spend even more money on the event than you had anticipated.

Have a Plan B

Planning is huge when you are working on getting your custom trade show display booth on the road. However, just like with anything things can go wrong, which is why we advise you to have a plan B. If your first plan does not work out, it is essential to have a backup plan that will seamlessly take its place. It is also important that your entire staff is aware of plan B. They should know how to resolve problems and put the backup plan into action in case something does go wrong.

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