What to Include in a Trade Show Swag Bag

Part of ensuring that trade show attendees will remember you is presenting the right swag bag. All of your promotional materials should be memorable and visually appealing and should eventually turn trade show attendees into loyal clients. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your swag bag is both impressive and professional.

Functional Items

Choose items for your swag bag that people can use long after they leave your trade show booth. This is an effective marketing tool because each time a person uses common items, they’ll see your logo and be reminded of your company. Consider useful items that are connected to your business, such as a mouse pad if you’re a technology company or an apron if you sell baked goods.

Trendy Items

Come up with trade show ideas for your swag bag that are in keeping with current trends. This will pique the interest of attendees and help you make a great professional impression. Find out which items are appealing to customers and incorporate them into your swag bag. For instance, if you’re finding that people are really into tank tops this season or prefer to have workout gear, purchase these items and customize them with your logo. Again, consider the nature of your company even while you’re staying on trend.

Memorable Items

Make sure your swag bag contains marketing items that customers will remember for months to come. Items like promotional codes that will provide clients with a discount on your services or gift cards that will help customers save money with your company or a business partner are ideal. People are always looking to save money and will remember this type of promotional move long after they’ve used the discount.

Edible Items

Free food is always a plus when it comes to promo items. If you don’t sell food or food items, come up with trade show ideas that still fit with your business philosophy. If you sell software, a sample of organic coffee or a healthy snack that customers can take advantage of while they’re at the computer is a fun way to continue reminding trade show attendees about your business. Of course, you can also offer edible items and refreshments at your trade show booth to attract attendees and get them interested in what you have to offer.

Regulated Items

Even though you may be attempting to get the most affordable materials for your swag bag, it’s essential to make sure that the items are also inspected for safety. Don’t choose promotional items that could be hazardous to children or materials that could potentially cause harm if used improperly. If you’re presenting marketing materials that contain chemicals, be sure to include a warning label to protect yourself legally.

A combination of these types of items could help you put together a swag bag that shows attendees just how professional and creative your business is. Be sure to meet with your team on a regular basis to come up with new and exciting items that will make your trade show booth especially successful.

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