Appealing to the Right Demographic at Trade Shows

If you want to make sure the right people are getting the message about your products and services, it’s best to come up with effective tactics for reaching them at your next trade show. Here are some of the things you and your team should consider.

Determine Your Audience

One of the first things you should do to reach the right demographic is to determine exactly who your audience is. This will help you decide the designs and colors for your trade show booth and will help you and your team come up with trade show ideas that will make your exhibit one of a kind. For instance, if you sell items for kids, bright colors and an animated logo are ideal, but you should also make sure that your wording and marketing tactics appeal to parents as well. If you want your target audience to be other business people, make sure your font and color choices are conservative but distinct.

Consider Past Trade Shows

Think about the trade shows you’ve attended in the past and consider the tactics that you need to use for the upcoming show. Which strategies worked and which didn’t? If you want to appeal to customers who are concerned about their health, was it more effective for you to offer samples or show a short video commercial? If your products are created to appeal to families, did the promotional products you offered lead to sales? Make a list of all the things that made your last trade show successful and incorporate these into your next marketing event.

Think About Your Goals 

Consider your overall goal for attending trade shows. Do you want to make actual sales at the show? Do you want attendees to visit your trade show booth and ask questions about your company so they will eventually become customers? Do you hope to connect with investors while you’re at the show? This will guide you in deciding who your marketing messages should attract. When you know what you want to accomplish at the trade show, you can plan the show in a way that will get the results you need.

Prepare Your Team

Finally, get your team ready for reaching the right demographic as you prepare for your next trade show. If your company has kid-friendly products or services, it may be ideal to have a team member dress as your company’s signature character so kids will convince their parents to come visit your booth. If you’re selling software-related products, prepare a demonstration on a tablet or monitor so attendees passing by will see it and become interested in what you have to offer. Work with your team to come up with trade show ideas that are specific to your booth, such as special raffles or coupons for attendees who leave their contact information. Remember, the way you gather leads, as well as the way you relate to customers and decorate your trade show exhibit, will determine whether your demographic is excited about your products and services.

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