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Should You Play Music at Your Trade Show Booth?

There are several things you can do to make your trade show exhibit more attractive, and music is one of the most effective and attention-getting ways to make your company appear more interesting. Once you’ve decided that music will be part of your trade show display, there are a few more things to keep in mind to ensure music provides the desired results.



Consider the volume of the trade show music when you’re in the process of trade show planning. The music should be loud enough to get the attention of attendees as they walk by your booth, but not so loud that it’s too distracting. If the trade show has more of an upbeat feel, you may also want to ask a team member to stand in the front of the booth with a microphone, inviting attendees to come and check out what you have to offer. Keep in mind that even if you have professional products and engaging marketing materials, if you don’t effectively draw potential customers to your exhibit, you won’t be able to get your message across.


Type of Music

Think about the type of music you want to play as well. Just like the color schemes and logos that you use for your trade show exhibit, the type of music you choose will give attendees an impression of your company and its level of professionalism. If you want attendees to get the impression your company is refined and sophisticated, you can play classical or light jazz music at your booth. If your products are geared toward children and families, music that is upbeat and innocent in nature is likely the best choice. Music that has an intense feel to it, such as rock or hip-hop, may work well if you sell software or technology that is designed for creative entrepreneurs. Consider your audience and choose a “soundtrack” that will work well for bringing the marketing aspect of your business together.



Consider how long you want the music to play at your trade show booth. Do you want attendees to hear music coming from your booth for the duration of the trade show? Do you only want to play music during the times when you want attendees to come sign up for the raffle or when you want to pull the names of winners? Deciding the duration of the music should also depend on the type of trade show you’re attending and whether music is part of the overall environment so your exhibit will stand out in a good way.


Music Source

Finally, it should be convenient for you to turn your music on and off, and this will help you determine whether you should include music in your display for the trade show. Playing the music from a tablet or computer at your table is best in most cases since you can start and stop the music quickly or turn the volume down so that you can better hear attendee questions. Having a playlist that is energizing and makes the attendee more comfortable is also ideal if you want potential customers to fill out a survey or provide you with contact information that you can use after the trade show.

Preparing for Trade Show Travel

If you’re going to a trade show that’s out of town, you’ll need to plan to ensure you’re ready for the trip and have the supplies you need. Here are some of the most important things to remember so your trade show efforts will be successful.



Depending on how long you’re staying, you’ll need to make hotel accommodations for you and your team members. Check with your colleagues to see which individuals wouldn’t mind rooming together so you can save money on hotel rooms if possible. You should also reserve plane tickets as far in advance as possible so you can save money. This will also increase the chances you and your team can travel on the same flight(s). If you can, choose a hotel close to the trade show site, so it won’t take you and your team long to get to the venue and prepare to meet attendees.


Exhibit Supplies

Think about all the possible supplies you’ll need during the trade show planning process. Of course, you’ll need your actual trade show booth and any additional stands or tables that you need to display your promotional materials. You’ll also need a tablet or computer screen to show an online commercial for your business or testimonials from team members and customers. Make sure you take your banners and table covers out of storage weeks before your trade show, so you can inspect them and make any necessary changes before the show.


Just-In-Case Items

Don’t forget the potential items you’ll need just in case something goes wrong with your trade show exhibit. Extra tools or parts will definitely come in handy when you’re putting together the tables yourself. If you’re in a hurry or find that you have to set up the exhibit differently than you anticipated, additional parts can literally make or break your trade show booth. You should also bring items, such as a First Aid kit filled with bandages and antiseptic or nonperishable food items, to the trade show. If you or your team members sustain a minor injury or need sustenance if you have to stay at the trade show site for longer than you thought, these items are must-haves.


Making Arrangements for the Home Office

Finally, make travel arrangements for the out-of-town trade show by ensuring everything is taken care of at your home office. Assign a team of customer service professionals to answer the phones and provide products and solutions to customers who come to your brick-and-mortar location. You may also want to set up an e-mail message for clients who get in touch with you online to inform them you and your team will be at the trade show but will respond as soon as possible. Do this as far in advance as you can. Preparing for the trade show will likely take up a lot of your time, and you may forget to do this if you wait until a day or two before the trade show. Remember to maintain your professional reputation whether you’re in or out of the office so attendees and potential customers who are not able to attend the show will be impressed enough to patronize your business.

When to Get a New Trade Show Booth

After you’ve been using the materials of your trade show exhibit for a while, you may notice that it’s time to replace some items. When your booth no longer looks its best, it may be time to replace the booth and get materials that are a better reflection of your business. Here are a few ways to tell it’s time to get a new trade show booth.


As technology advances, you need to evaluate your booth to ensure all your materials are up to date and will appeal to attendees. You may find using a computer screen or tablet that showcases a short commercial about your company may be more effective than using paper pamphlets. It’s also best for you to look at the materials of your booth to make sure your exhibit is durable. Certain plastics or craft materials that are resistant to moisture and will keep up well in a storage unit are likely best for you if you attend trade shows often and want to guarantee your booth materials continue to look new.

Worn Items

When your trade show booth starts to look worn or any part of your exhibit is broken or torn, it’s time to purchase new materials. If you see that some of the framework that holds your table or banner together is starting to become wobbly or there are rust or corrosion stains on your booth items, you should find replacement items that will make your exhibit look neat, professional, and modern.

Changes in Your Company

During the trade show planning process, talk about the changes your company has experienced since the last trade show you attended. If you’ve decided you need to make changes to your logo so it’s more visually appealing, your trade show exhibit should reflect this. If you’ve downsized and decided your company should be more online-based, make sure this principle is displayed in the way your marketing materials are presented.

You should also get a new trade show booth if you’ve changed the main colors of your logo or marketing materials. If you’ve decided to include more metallic colors in your marketing scheme to denote a more refined or sophisticated reputation, include this in your trade show table. If you’ve added brighter colors to let customers know that your company is fun and exciting, a trade show exhibit filled with neutral colors won’t match this message. The adjustments you make could also help you to save money when you’re putting together your trade show preparation budget.

Adjustments to Your Demographic

Finally, get a new trade show booth when you see that your demographic is changing. If you’ve noticed, in the past few years, younger customers are attracted to your product, make sure your exhibit has the visual appeal that will get the attention of a younger audience. If families and busy parents are using your products more often, your marketing items and color schemes should reflect this. When your customers see you’re focused on appealing to them, this could lead to more consistent sales after the trade show.

Tips for Livestreaming at a Trade Show

If you’ve decided to add livestreaming to your trade show planning for this year, there are a few things you should keep in mind to guarantee this feature is appealing to viewers. This feature can help to boost the reputation of your business and shows that you are familiar with new technological methods for marketing and promotion. Livestreaming can give those who aren’t able to attend the trade show in person the feeling they are interacting with you in real time. This definitely has its advantages – especially if you prepare accordingly.


Use the Right Colors

Make sure you’re using colors that are bright and attention-getting but not too overwhelming on the eyes. You want your trade show exhibit to have vivid and appealing colors that will show up well on camera. This will help live-stream attendees to clearly see your logo and marketing materials. Just make sure the colors are not overly bright, so that people can watch the live stream without having to strain their eyes.


Select the Right Teammates

Choose the right teammates to sit at the trade show booth and answer attendee questions. The people who are knowledgeable about your company and are friendly and engaging are the best individuals to represent your company at the trade show. Remember these people are going to be on camera and will represent your company to live attendees and those who are watching via live stream. Your employees should have a friendly disposition and should be dressed in a neat and professional manner. Team members who are not afraid to be on camera or talk to others are best for livestreaming since they will have a preference that is both respectable and entertaining.


Have a Script”

While you don’t need to have a script that you and your team members should follow verbatim, you should discuss the points that you want to cover before you go live. Make sure that your team members know how to properly describe your product and are familiar with all your social media handles. If you’re asking attendees or customers to give testimonials during your live stream, lead these individuals into being as informative as possible by asking them questions that will prompt them to describe the best qualities of your products or services.


Let Live Attendees Know You’re Streaming

Finally, be sure to let your followers and online attendees know that you’ll be livestreaming as part of the trade show planning process. You can share this information on your social media pages, and be sure to provide the link once you have it. You can also schedule a Q&A session with those who will be signing in to the live stream, so be sure to advertise this and make sure you have a few in-depth answers for common questions people may have about your business. Send reminders to your followers about the live stream so they will be more likely to attend, and marketing the live stream in a way that makes it sound fun and exciting. You may also want to add some intro or outro music to further customize the session and make it more enjoyable to watch.

Edible Promo Items for Trade Shows

There are few things more attention-getting than edible marketing items at trade shows. When you give attendees promo items they can enjoy while they browse other trade show exhibit tables, you’ll be establishing your brand and making a great impression that will keep you on attendees’ minds after the trade show is over. Here are a few edible items that will make for effective promotion during the trade show.



Cookies are a delicious way to introduce attendees to your products and services. A cookie that has a flat surface is also an edible campus for you to showcase your logo in icing. The cookie packaging should include all the contact information for your business as well. You may also want to give out cookies that have special health benefits, such as pureed veggies that provide antioxidants, or ingredients that are free of gluten, dairy or soy. Cookies that are made in classic flavors, such as chocolate chip and peanut butter, may also be a good idea, since these are tastes attendees will be familiar with and will likely respond well to.


Cake Pops

You can appeal to attendees with attractive treats, such as cake pops, as well. Bring people to your trade show booth with these colorful pops that look like lollipops but are actually made out of cake. The cake pops are a great way to give attendees a sample of the baked goods you offer. When you offer these promo items at your trade show booth, you’re offering a treat that is just the right size to get a customer interested in what you have to offer. You can also decorate the cake pops in icing and sprinkles that are the same color as your company logo to increase brand recognition.



During the trade show planning phase, you may want to arrange to have a popcorn maker at your booth. This snack food is often associated with family fun and classic entertainment, so if your company represents these ideals, popcorn can make a great edible promotional tool. Traditional butter popcorn is always a hit, or you can make the snack stand out with pronounced savory flavors, such as jalapeno or garlic, or sweet tastes, such as caramel and/or chocolate.


Organic Fruits and Nuts

A customized trail mix is also a great way to get trade show attendees to remember your business fondly. These organic dried fruits and nuts can be packaged in customized containers and you can provide a short description of the health benefits to pique the interest of attendees who come to your trade show booth. This is a simple yet effective way to provide more information to customers when you want to promote a business that promotes health and overall well-being.



Finally, don’t forget that offering tea or coffee at your trade show exhibit can impress attendees as well. If your company actually sells these beverages, be sure to provide samples of your best-selling flavors. Or, partner with a local tea or coffee-brewing company so you can cross promote. This boosts the reputation of your business and shows you’re community-minded in your approach to business. Coffee and tea can also serve as great ways to rejuvenate attendees and make your booth much more appealing.