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Trade Show Raffle Ideas

A raffle is a great way to get attendees excited about visiting your trade show booth. The way you set your raffle up, as well as the prizes you offer, can have a huge effect on how attendees see your business. Of course, your raffle prizes could even convince attendees to become customers. Here are some suggestions that could prove helpful.

Free Food

Free food is a prize that most attendees won’t want to pass up. Trade shows are often lengthy events, and there’s a good chance that potential customers have had little time to eat during the day. Your raffle prize could be a gift basket filled with the items that your company is known for. You can also offer gift cards for free food or meals from companies that you have partnered with. The raffle can also be used to introduce a new product since you can put together a variety of new foods you’re offering and let attendees know that they will be among the first to try what you’re offering.

Discounted Items

A raffle for discounted items is also a great idea. People love to save money, and you can offer a discount even before a customer has become a long-term client. The discount should also be pretty significant in order to motivate more attendees to sign up for the drawing. For instance, half off an item or a free item with the purchase of one of your signature packages could be helpful.

Lead-Based Raffles

You can also build your raffle around the fact that attendees have to give their contact information in addition to their names in order to be considered for the raffle. When you organize this way, make sure that the prizes you’re offering are especially appealing. You can put together a swag bag filled with your top sellers, as well as promotional items like T-shirts and mugs that will intensify your brand recognition after the trade show is over. You can also make the raffle more appealing by encouraging attendees to input their contact details in a tablet that is mounted to your trade show booth instead of putting out a pen and paper. This seemingly small adjustment can instantly make the raffle more appealing.

Major Items

Finally, you can advertise at your trade show exhibit to let people know there is a huge prize on the line if they provide their contact information. The major item could be a large screen TV if you have an electronics or software company, or the raffle prize could be a shopping spree with some of the companies you partner with. These prizes are appealing to most attendees, and they may be willing to provide their contact information for a chance to win. Of course, now that you have the leads, you can use this to your advantage by tastefully contacting your leads and offering more valuable information about the services and products you have to offer and to thank attendees who have turned into regular customers.