Branding Your Trade Show Exhibit

A relatable and attractive trade show exhibit is going to naturally attract anyone who passes by it – after all, trade shows are fantastic venues for increasing the visibility of your business and brand to like-minded business owners and customers. But how do you go about creating the perfect branding for your exhibit to help you capture those all-important network connections? It all starts with your positioning and your personality and carries through to your promotional items and sales employees.

Positioning and Personality

In your very first marketing meeting of your business, the first question you should ask is how you want to stand out from the background and differentiate yourself from the competition. What makes your product or service unique? Where do you competitors miss the mark with their services, and where can you fill in the gap? Another important fact to find out is your exact target demographic. By finding these qualities of your business early, you can transition these aspects into the presentation you offer at a trade show. The answers to these questions can even help determine the physical design of your presentation, including colors and text. Do you want to look “sleek and modern” for the latest-and-greatest look or “comfortable and sensible” for a more traditional feel?

Designing Your Exhibit

With this information in hand, now it’s time to design how your exhibit will look once assembled on the floor. Determine what exhibit size you’re looking for. Remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better, especially if you’re new to trade shows. Your booth should reflect the size and scope of your company, its product line, and the amount of connections you’re hoping to make during the show. Include your company logo and branding phrases into your exhibit graphics and place them tactically at eye level to make everything easy to read from top to bottom. Use your company colors to help brand your exhibit but be aware that your colors should reflect the personality of your brand (red can be active or threatening, and green can be environmentally-friendly or industrious).

As always, you can count on Exhibit Options to help you design and construct the perfect trade show exhibit for your business. If you need help applying any of the principles described, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you today!

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