Tips for Downsizing Your Trade Show Booth

After you have attended a few trade shows, you may have noticed that your exhibit doesn’t have to be very large. You may have also observed that you don’t have to prepare as many marketing materials and that it is a hassle to disassemble and store all the parts of your trade show booth. Of course, a small exhibit also means that you won’t have to spend as much money putting on an attractive display or storing the materials. If you’ve decided to downsize, here are some things to keep in mind.

Narrow Your Supplies Down

Be sure to narrow down all the supplies you truly need when you are downsizing your trade show portable booths. Don’t eliminate the parts of the booth that are most noticeable or items that attract a lot of attendees to your exhibit. Get rid of items that are difficult to carry, or items that you’ve noticed don’t get as much attention as you would’ve hoped. Make sure that your trade show booth is both practical and visually appealing so that you can keep the right items while effectively downsizing.

Think About Your Goals

Give careful thought to the goals you want to accomplish with your trade show exhibit. Do you attend trade shows to make sure that more potential customers know about your products and services? Do you want to connect with established clients to increase brand recognition and motivate them to market for you through word of mouth? Are you looking to make sales when you attend trade shows? Answering these questions can help you figure out if you should have an exhibit that will reach your core audience primarily because of content, or if the size of your booth will affect the way people see your business. This way, if you need to downsize, you can do so in a way that helps you maintain the reputation of your company.

Get Storage Costs

If you must store your trade show booth materials in a location other than your office, you already know that storage can be expensive over time. Get an estimate of how much storage will cost if you downsize your exhibit and factor this into your overall trade show budget. This may help you to organize your funds so that you will have more money to attend out-of-town marketing events or add more necessary employees to your trade show team.

Before and After

Finally, get a clear picture of how your trade show exhibit will look after you downsize. You can do this by using computer software or by working with your team to take away certain items and photographing the booth to see how it will look after you have downsized. Once you have a clear idea of how you want the exhibit will come across to attendees, and you’re sure that your marketing message is clear, you can design your booth in a way that will continue bringing more positive buzz to your business, even in between trade shows.

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