When Not to Attend Out-of-Town Trade Shows

If you’ve attended a few trade shows in your city, it may be time to expand your potential client base and go to a few trade shows out of town. There are several advantages to doing this, but there may be times when you should sit out on trade shows that aren’t local. Here are some factors to consider when you want to know which trade shows are worth your while.

Consider Overall Costs

Of course, there are additional costs associated with attending a trade show that isn’t in your city. When you’re sitting down with your team and coming up with trade show ideas, don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. For instance, you may not be able to bring a large, elaborate sign for the trade show exhibit if you’re going out of town and can’t afford the shipping costs. Also, the travel arrangements and lodging will likely take a toll on your business budget as well. Hotel rooms and plane tickets can get expensive, and if you find the cost of attending is significantly more than the possible profit you’d be making if you go to the show, it’s best to sit it out.

Think About Your Office

Consider the possibility you may have to close your office while you’re at the trade show. This could keep regular customers from patronizing your business while you’re marketing to new clients. If you are taking all or most of your team to the trade show, make sure you announce this on your website and social media pages . This will decrease the chances that customers will visit your offices and be disappointed when there is no one there to assist them. Of course, if you find you are getting a lot of negative feedback about your decision to close the offices to attend the trade show, it may be best to adjust your schedule so team members can be at the office, or you can opt out of the trade show this year if you get this information far enough in advance.

Put Together a Trade Show Team

Even if you have an attention-getting trade show exhibit and have come up with creative ideas to market to customers, if you don’t have the right team to attend out-of-town shows, it is best not to attend. Even though technology plays a huge role in the way we do business these days, employees with expert social skills and professionalism will make a more permanent impression on attendees than the latest devices and software.

Choose team members who know your products and services like the backs of their hands. Select employees to sit at the trade show booth who look for ways to engage with attendees instead of getting nervous when potential customers approach your exhibit. Remember you’ll probably have to do considerably more work to prepare for the trade show since it’s out of town, so the team you choose should be top-notch to guarantee your attendance is worth it.

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