Tips for Kid-Centric Trade Shows

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to appeal to younger customers to increase revenue. If you have a product or service that was created for children or is designed for parents to use for the benefit of children, your trade show booth will need to attract children and get them motivated to convince their parents to become customers. Here are some tips to consider.

Be Interactive

When you want to ensure your trade show exhibit design will get the attention of kids, add an interactive element. Include a feature that children can use, such as a tablet that is bolted to a table and displays the ways your app makes it easier to use your product. You can also use the tablet to have kids select the things they like best about your product or enter their names for a drawing to win prizes. The hands-on approach is appealing to most children, and if kids are motivated to come to your booth and stay for a while, this may increase the likelihood their parents will make a purchase.

Be Colorful

A trade show booth that features neutral and stoic colors may be a sign of professionalism in adults, but kids will walk right past your exhibit if you don’t make it colorful. There are also colors you can choose that will evoke certain emotions in customers. For instance, if you’re selling eco-friendly products for the home that are kid-friendly, green is ideal. However, you should select a bright, or especially vivid variation of, green so children will want to give your exhibit a second look. If your company sells items that are edible, the colors orange and yellow should be used in your booth to excite the senses and make attendees feel hungry. There are ways to be both colorful and professional, such as using all primary colors with a refined font or combining a neon color with a more toned-down shade. Remember, color is important when you want kids to notice.

Use Technology

These days, kids are much more skilled when it comes to using technological devices than their parents. When you use software, laptops or tablets in your trade show exhibit presentation, there’s a good chance that young customers will be drawn to your booth and want to stay a while. Stay updated on the latest trends when it comes to making your app(s) interactive or introducing games for children that are both educational and entertaining.

Incorporate Music

Music is one of the ways to excite and motivate children (and adults), so including music from popular artists that kids enjoy listening to can make your exhibit one of the more attractive booths at the trade show. A music system that lights up to the rhythm of the song can add more sensory appeal to your trade show booth as well.

Treat Kids as Customers  

Finally, don’t forget to treat kids as though they are customers. They have a lot of influence when it comes to getting their parents to patronize your business. So, remember to speak their language, engage with them, and treat their opinions as valuable. This can go a long way when you want to make a great impression and establish a solid customer base after the trade show.

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