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How to Network at Trade Shows

You’ve finally decided to attend your first trade show. While you’re there, you not only want to showcase your products and services, but you must find a way to connect with attendees and fellow business owners . According to research from Exhibit Surveys Inc.’s 2012 Trade Show Trends report, 49 percent of trade show attendees come to shows with the intent of purchasing something, and 84 percent of attendees have the influence to recommend products and make final purchasing decisions. This is a clear indication that networking is extremely important.

If you’ve decided that trade show attendance should be a key aspect of marketing and promotions for your company, here are some tips for networking that you’ll want to remember.

Try to Go Solo

Even if you don’t go to the actual trade show by yourself, try to do your networking alone. This shows that you’re approachable and will stop others from feeling awkward about approaching you if you’re already engaged in conversation. Attending trade shows alone will also make it easier for you to approach others and will increase the chances that you can focus on what potential business partners and customers are saying and remember who you want to contact after the trade show.

Research the Trade Show

As you’re getting your trade show exhibit ready, make sure that you also do your homework when it comes to the event. When you know the types of companies and individuals that will be at the event, you can get a game plan together and decide which organizations you want to connect with and how you want to communicate with people who can help to move your business forward.

Capture Leads

You should have a system for how you’re going to get leads and have a system for keeping up with your leads. This will help you connect with the right people and will give you a method for following up with these individuals after the trade show. After all, the purpose of networking is to create lucrative relationships with individuals who can help your business grow.

Schedule Your Networking Time

Make sure you’re not spending time at the trade show booth and schedule time to network with other business owners. If the trade show organizers are holding a meet and greet before or after the actual show, make sure you confirm your attendance. This will also give you the chance to write a list of the people you’d like to meet with and will encourage you to accomplish the goal of shaking hands with the right people.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Finally, when you’re networking at trade shows, make sure that your conversation is concise and relevant. Whether you’re networking at your trade show booth or are attending an event that is designed for you to connect with others, keep your discussions to the point and be sure to ask questions instead of making the conversation all about you. This will make you more memorable and shows you’re ready to collaborate on future projects or marketing campaigns.