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How to Have a Virtual Trade Show

Live streaming has become increasingly popular in business these days. In some cases, virtual or online services that allow company owners and employees to speak with clients can make a business more appealing to a younger or technologically savvy demographic. The virtual trade show is also a way to market your business in an environmentally sound way. When you lower your carbon footprint and decrease the environmental impact that usually comes with a traditional trade show, you may get the attention of younger customers and those who are conscious about the environment. You’ll also get tax breaks for reducing the fuel costs associated with attended your trade show.

If you’re considering making your next trade show exhibit virtual, here are some important things to remember.

The Incentive of Low Cost

In most cases, trade shows are free, whether the show is live or virtual. Get in touch with the virtual trade show designer to do a walkthrough and view the booths so you’ll know how to advertise. You can also listen to clips of the product presentations and seminars or lectures for the trade show, so you can guarantee the audio is clear and can adjust the times for these aspects of the show as needed. If you find you need to change your marketing strategy to ensure you’ll get significant attendance, you can ask prominent figures in your field to speak at the trade show, send out virtual promotional packages and charge a small fee to attendees. This can help you to keep track of how many people are interested in the trade show and can assist you in putting together follow-up messages for attendees after the trade show.

Work with Other Businesses

You can generate leads by paying for a prime spot in a virtual trade show, or you can organize a virtual show and advertise the businesses that are participating in the show to promote the event and generate leads. Whether the show is live or virtual, you should make sure your trade show exhibit is near the main doorway of the venue. You can also partner with other companies to provide discounts and promotions that will appeal to attendees. This helps to bring attention to your business, as well as your partner’s company and sends the message you’re a community-minded organization, which can be appealing to trade show attendees.

Be Interactive

Finally, make sure that a representative from your company is logged onto the trade show site during all show hours so attendees can ask questions and get an answer in real time. You or your team member should also be at the trade show booth so you can reach out to attendees via instant message or greet them when they come to your table. Set up your booth so attendees can skim through your company profile once they approach your exhibit as well. Remember you should be friendly and engaging and exhibit great customer service even when you’re working online to make sure you continue to make a great impression.