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Making a Creative Trade Show Swag Bag

The swag bag is an extremely effective marketing tool if you use it correctly. The items you decide to put in your bag set the tone for the ways customers view your business. They may  even prompt trade show attendees to do regular business with you after the trade show is over. As you’re organizing your trade show booth, make sure that you’re putting as much effort into your swag bags so you can add visual appeal to your exhibit while increasing brand recognition and moving your company forward by making the right connections at the trade show.


Clothing items, such as T-shirts, socks, and windbreakers that match your tradeshow exhibit design, are great ways to guarantee attendees regularly see your logo and slogan after the trade show. Choose clothing that is made from quality materials can be worn for a longer period, and items that are comfortable to wear will likely increase the chances that trade show attendees will think of your company first when they need a product or service that you provide.

Practical Items

The swag bags at your trade show booth should be filled with items that people have a daily use for. If you’re a software or tech company, a USB charger or mousepad will make a great swag bag gift because you can include your logo and company colors on an item that customers will likely use every day. If you sell sports-related or health items, a water bottle with your logo is a practical gift. Be sure to decorate these items in a way that will continue to get the attention of potential clients and use quality materials so that your swag bag items will last a long time. This also indicates that you’re committed to giving the best to your customers and pride yourself on offering great service.


Accessories, such as hats or sunglasses, can make great swag bag gifts if your company is known for fashion or you sell items that are popular in the spring and summer months. Choose a more refined version of your logo for these items to make the accessories especially fashionable and increase the chances that attendees will wear the items often.

The Actual Bag

The actual bag is another creative swag idea that you can offer at your trade show booth. Design a bag that will catch the attention of attendees right away. For instance, you can customize a duffel bag or backpack to give away, instead of simply using a gift bag to fill with promotional goodies. Use a sturdy material, such as faux leather, cotton or burlap, for your bags, and include your logo on the bag in a metallic shade to make the item look especially sophisticated. Of course, you can also fill the bag with small items, such as your business cards and contact information, coupons that can be used online, or a small edible item and beverage that attendees can enjoy while they browse the rest of the trade show.