How to Recover After Trade Shows

If you’ve just attended a trade show or two, you know how stressful the preparation and presentation process can be. There are so many daunting tasks that come with presenting at a trade show, such as getting your trade show booth organized, coming up with creative ideas that will make your business stand out and arranging for a team to set up and break down your exhibit. Of course, you’ll need some time to recuperate after a trade show, so here are some helpful tips that will assist you in being more productive once you return to your office from a trade show.

Reevaluate Your Diet

If you’ve been preparing for a trade show for the last few weeks, you probably haven’t had time to cook a lot of healthy meals. If you and your team have been eating out a lot while you stay in the office to come up with trade show ideas or to create a booth that will stand out, you may need to be more intentional about eating healthier foods once the trade show is over. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins can help you regain your energy and boost your brain power, so you can continue offering great customer service after the trade show has ended.

Take Time to Rest

After you’ve attended a trade show, it’s essential that you take time for physical rest. This is especially important if you’ve attended a trade show out of town and have spent a considerable amount of time traveling. Give your body time to get back into the routine of running your business, particularly if you’ve just been in a different time zone. Try to get to bed at a decent hour after returning home so that you can be at your mental best when you return to work.

Spend Time Outdoors

If you’ve spent the last few days in a convention or conference center, there’s a good chance you haven’t been getting enough vitamin D. A lack of this vitamin can cause fatigue and joint pain and can even affect your mood. Once the trade show is over, try to get outside as much as you can. If there is an outdoor space near your office where you can work for a few hours and the weather is warm, take your calls and answer emails in the fresh air. You may also want to take a short walk or jog during your lunch break once you get back to the office to readjust your body after being indoors for such a long time.

Schedule Your Follow-Ups


Finally, don’t feel that you have to get back to all the potential customers and business partners that you met at the trade show right away. Chances are you’ll be catching up on office tasks and tending to existing customers for your first few days back in the office. Schedule a block of time for returning phone calls, responding to leads and thanking everyone who visited your trade show exhibit. This will keep you from being too overwhelmed and will increase the chances that you won’t forget to reach out to anyone who could help move your business forward.

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