How to Make the Most of Trade Shows for Children

Organizing a trade show can be a bit tedious, especially when you have a specific audience in mind. If your next trade show is centered on children and children’s products, there are a few things to keep in mind, so the event will be effective and memorable.


Choose the Right Team Members


One of the most important things you can do when you’re organizing your trade show exhibit is to select the right team members to be at the booth. Choose employees who have experience dealing with children, so every young customer who comes to your table will feel welcomed. You’ll have to explain the features of your product in a different way when you’re appealing to children. Therefore, make sure your team knows this and doesn’t get frustrated with having to translate things into simpler or more exciting terms. It’s also important not to “talk down” to children and to value their opinions as consumers. Making the demos and exhibits at your booth especially interactive is also a must when you’re speaking with children and helps you make a great first impression.


Use Bright Colors


When you and your team are coming up with trade show ideas that will bring more children to your booth, bright colors are always a great idea. Of course, you’ll need to balance these colors with neutral shades, so your signage and table throws are easy to read. However, you may want to use more vivid hues than you would for an exhibit that is for adults. It’s also a good idea to use primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) when you’re selling products and services that are intended for young children, pastel colors for baby products, and neon shades for preteens and teens. This could make it easier for the right audience to be immediately drawn to your trade show table.


Incorporate Music


Music appeals to virtually everyone, and it’s a great learning and entertainment tool for children. You can include popular songs at your booth for older children since this gives the impression your company is aware of current social trends. Or, you can play music from popular children’s shows if you’re trying to get the attention of younger customers. It’s important to appeal to as many senses as possible at a trade show, so when your booth is attractive because of what people hear as well as what they see, you’re likely to get more leads.


Appeal to Both Kids and Parents


Of course, a toy or edible treat doesn’t hurt when you’re getting kids interested in your trade show booth. Cupcakes or cookies that are made from natural ingredients can also appeal to parents since it shows your company is concerned about the health of your consumers, and this is a huge plus for many parents. Giving parents a discount on subscription services or providing gift certificates that parents can use (i.e. gas station cards, coffee shop coupons) means you realize all family members are your customers. This helps to make the trade show experience memorable for everyone who comes to your exhibit.

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