Inviting Celebrities to Trade Shows


As you’re promoting an upcoming trade show that you’ll be participating in, it can be especially effective to let your social media followers and customers know that a celebrity will be at your trade show booth. Depending on the person you ask to come to your exhibit, you could get a significant number of people to attend the trade show, whether it’s live or virtual. Of course, there’s a way to go about inviting these celebrities to your show, so you’ll need to know which tactics to use to make sure this marketing tool is a success.


Do Your Research


One of the most important things to do is conduct some research on the celebrity you want to invite. It’s best to choose someone who is interested in your line of work. For instance, if you know of an actor who is interested in technology and you have a software company, there’s a better chance he or she will be excited to be at your trade show booth. If you have a company that sells food or beverages, a celebrity chef or cooking show host is a great choice. Make sure you at least know that the celebrity has a connection to what you’re offering to customers so he or she will be particularly effective and convincing. Of course, you also want to increase the chances that the celebrity will actually have a good time at the trade show. You can also check to see which celebrities are from your area, and which of them are still connected to their hometowns and want to help the communities where they grew up.


Offer Attractive Incentives


When you and your team decide to invite a celebrity to your trade show exhibit, make sure that the incentives you offer are appealing. Decide what you can offer based on your budget, and offer promotional or marketing items that the celebrity can wear at your booth and keep as a token of your appreciation. You can also live stream the trade show, which provides publicity for your business, as well as great press for the celebrity.


Review the Terms


Be sure to go over all the terms of trade show attendance with the celebrity you’ve invited. You should know how long the celebrity will be at your booth and whether he or she is willing to take pictures with attendees. You should also get permission before you use the celebrity’s name or photos for advertising purposes when you’re getting the word out about the show to your customers and social media followers. Get signed consent forms to give to the celebrity so both parties understand the agreement. This should be done as far in advance as possible, so you can review or revise the terms in a timely manner. Remember you’re making an impression on the celebrity, as well as trade show attendees, and, if you do good business, you’ll increase the chances that celebrity guests will feel comfortable helping you with your next trade show.

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