As the public reopens, restaurants face a lot of unique challenges in creating a safe and healthy environment for both employees and customers. In order to reopen dine-in services, restaurant owners will need to comply with new regulations and requirements issued by local, state and federal governmental bodies. Here is a list of government resources to get familiar with:

While specific requirements will vary from state to state, it is clear that the practice of social distancing will remain in place. A few key points to note are that restaurants are recommended to make use of outdoor areas as much as possible, ensure physical distancing to the maximum extent possible, and implement barriers where social distancing isn't possible.

Our Solutions

We are positioned to help restaurants comply with state laws and recommendations, including building barriers between tables and key areas, creating signage and floor graphics to encourage social distancing, and if you've got the space, constructing temporary structures for additional seating areas.

Our restaurant solutions are fully customizable, can fit almost any budget, and will help maintain your restaurant’s aesthetic and ambiance.

Health & Safety

  • Bar Separation Guards
  • Room Dividers – Floor Based and Suspended Options
  • Booth Extensions
  • Branded Sanitizer Stations
  • Floor Distancing Decals
  • Awareness Banners
  • Temporary structures

Custom Environments

We can incorporate any of our Health & Safety features into a beautiful, fully-custom buildout of your restaurant environment.

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