Salon Interior Solutions


As stay-at-home orders are being lifted, and salons reopen to the public, it will be essential to create a safe and healthy environment for employees and clients. Social Distancing orders are not going away, and salons will have to adapt to these new requirements.

Our Solutions

We are positioned to help you and your salon comply with state laws and recommendations, including hygiene barriers between stations, and the use of signage and floor graphics to encourage social distancing. No matter the size of your salon, it's important that you're installing these safety measures for the safety of your clients and employees. 

These solutions are fully customizable, and can fit almost any budget. We make sure to be consistent with your salon's existing aesthetic, ambiance, and brand. We can also consult with your team on space planning, fabricating wall dividers, infographics, and hygiene enhancements. 

Health & Safety

  • Reception Guards
  • Hygiene Guards
  • Social distance standard waiting rooms
  • Branded Sanitizer Stations
  • Floor Distancing Decals
  • Awareness Banners

Custom Environments

We can also incorporate our Health & Safety solutions into a full environment buildout. Visit our Environments page for more information!