Our mission at Exhibit Options is still to help you build stronger, more profitable relationships with your customers. As such, we have partnered with our media partner, Tobe Agency, to give you the opportunity to leverage video to fill in some of the marketing gaps left in the wake of COVID19. Our goal is to help you concept, produce, and publish branded video content to help you do face-to-face marketing, without the trade show.

Events and trade shows will never be replaced, but the use of video content allows you to make more meaningful and impactful connections while the trade show industry is on hiatus. Video content can also be leveraged across multiple marketing channels and can be repackaged and reused for a variety of different use cases.

How It Works

  1. Concept Discovery: We’ll work together virtually to produce concept(s) for up to 1 hour of video content (single or multiple videos), and help you develop your scripts and associated content. We’ll also get everything physically ready for production, and work with you to provide the best setting for your video and budget, whether that be a backdrop, booth, or branded environment.

  2. Filming & Production: Choose from multiple filming and production options based on your need:

    Option A: Leave it all to us! We'll provide the setting and location, cameras, mics, and everything else you'll need for a professional production. All you need to do is provide the talent! Whoever you’ve chosen to be on camera will come to our warehouse in Cerritos, CA. We’ll have the filming environment set up with professional lighting, multiple camera angles, and everything needed for clean, quality audio. We’ll also coach your team to be comfortable on camera. Don’t worry, we’ll keep our distance!

    Option B: If traveling is out of the question, or if you'd rather handle the production using your own video equipment and at your own location, we'll still help you get everything set up. We'll provide technical support and recommendations to make sure you're set up for success. Need a backdrop or banner? We'll ship it to you! 

  3. Edits - Once we've got some footage to work with, we’ll begin the editing process. We’ll insert branding elements, animations, and other touches to create a branded and professional look and feel. We’ll also cut and format clips for all social media platforms.

  4. Publish - Your videos are ready! We’ll provide you with download links for all of your final videos so that you can publish them on your website, social media, use them in your emails, and save them to your content library.
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What's Included

  • Video content strategy
  • Up to (1) hour of produced video content
  • Location and setting (set up at our Cerritos, CA warehouse)
  • Up to (1) hour of edited video content (including your logos, branding, etc)
  • Up to (10) pieces of micro video content, edited for up to (3) formats (i.e YouTube, Facebook, IG Stories)
  • Hosting of video content for up to 90 days


Here's a few samples of different types of videos, but the possibilities are endless! 

Helpful Explainer Videos 

Option A: Let us take care of EVERYTHING; you just provide the talent!


Full Video Podcast Episode / Interview

Option B: You record; we edit.

Ways to Grow Your Small Business During a Global Crisis

Social Media

We'll also cut clips for use on social media, like this:

YouTubers have had this right for a while.


Have questions?

We've got answers! 

Contact us at info@exoptions.com, or just give us a call.