Businesses must follow state-issued guidelines to keep employees and visitors safe as the country takes steps towards reopening. Since specific guidelines and regulations vary from state to state, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce created a tool for businesses to track those differences across states, and to provide the latest guidance and information. Key points to note are making sanitizer available in specific locations, enforce strict physical distancing to the maximum extent possible, and incorporate barriers in spaces where distancing is not possible.

Our Solutions

We are here to help you and your company in this uncharted territory. We have started putting our expertise into designing and fabricating brandable post-pandemic workplaces. We can consult with your team on space planning, design specifics, fabricating wall dividers, creating infographics, and implementing safety and hygiene features.

Health & Safety

  • Reception Guards
  • Room Guards – Floor Based and Suspended Options
  • Cubicle Partitions and Shields
  • Freestanding Desk Guards
  • Branded Sanitizer Stations
  • Floor Distancing Decals
  • Awareness Banners

Custom Environments

We can also incorporate our Health & Safety solutions into a full environment buildout. Visit our Environments page for more information!