We custom design our Inline and Linear exhibits to fit your brand and exact exhibit needs. Custom or Modular, we’ve got you covered.

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Peninsula exhibits have more restrictions as they are only exposed on three sides, but not to worry. Our talented designers will pack attention-grabbing elements into the design to dazzle your clients.

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Small Island

20×20 and 20×30 Island exhibits allow for visual eye-catching designs from every angle. We will custom design the exhibit to meet your marketing goals while increasing your brand awareness.

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Large Island

Larger Islands allow for more of everything. We can incorporate more extensive presentation areas, meeting rooms, lounges and video walls. Don’t forget the hanging signs and larger structures to grab attendees attention from across the hall.

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Two Story

Be a show-stopper with a double deck, while maximizing your usable space. Set your company apart with private meeting rooms, open area upper decks and other impressive design elements. We can custom design the deck to work with your brand’s messaging.

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Lightweight, affordable and easy to set up. Our striking portable modular displays will still have you standing out in the crowd.

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